Avocor Announces WCD for Microsoft Teams

avocor wcd microsoft teams

Avocor just announced the first Windows collaboration display (WCD) certified for Microsoft Teams. A collaboration integrated with an IoT sensor, the AVW-6555 Windows collaboration display is being marketed by Avocor as the first Teams-certified WCD, and it is also certified for Microsoft Azure IoT. That said, you can still download Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans and use Google Meet, too.

Users can send content from a laptop to the display through USB-C. The display, of course, includes an integrated camera and far-field mic array and provides hardwired Ethernet connection and charging power to the laptop.

The Windows collaboration display by Avocor was developed in collaboration with Microsoft and has what Avocor calls smooth touch with a finger, even while wearing gloves or when using the included fine-tipped stylus and eraser.

In addition to being a collaboration board, the Windows collaboration display by Avocor is certified for Azure IoT. Featuring an array of built-in IoT sensors that can connect to Avocor Aquarius Workspace Intelligence, an Avocor subscription service based on Azure, facility managers can utilize the environmental data they collect to make real-time adjustments as well as future room and investment planning. Aquarius Workspace Intelligence software provides an analysis of meeting spaces by pulling data from Avocor’s W series collaboration displays and existing Microsoft 365 meeting data to deliver insights through dashboards. By combining sensor data with Microsoft 365 meeting information, Avocor Aquarius offers a simple way for management to gain valuable analysis about meeting room utilization. It can be deployed via Over The Air (OTA) upgrades and provides management needed to make important decisions about office facilities and increase room and UC hardware ROI. Avocor will provide access to its Aquarius WSI software for 90 days standard for its W series displays. However, all AVW-6555’s purchased in 2020 will receive an entire year of Aquarius WSI at no charge.

Here’s a video of how the Avocor WCD is different than the other collaboration boards out there:

The 65-inch AVW-6555 Windows collaboration display by Avocor is available globally in Q3 for $6,999 USD.