AURALiC Upgrades Media Player

auralic-0115AURALiC just launched a new Wi-Fi-based music streaming box in the form of the DSD256 [Quad-Rate DSD]. Although this technology is not available yet commercially, it’s apparently four times the rate of DSD and doubles the resolution of DSD128 (Double-Rate DSD).

The upgrade, available via firmware, is the latest in a series of ongoing improvements to AURALiC’s Lightning DS Control Software, introduced at last year’s CES, and its ARIES Hi-Res Steaming Bridge, which connects to a consumer’s DAC via USB and continues to be the industry’s only system able to stream DSD, Double-Rate DSD and DXD wirelessly.

The addition of DSD256 capability follows AURALiC’s recent integration of TIDAL full-resolution music streaming to ARIES, thereby eliminating the need for a computer connection to access the service. USB playback is another function recently added to AURALiC’s streaming platform. AURALiC will continue to support its customers by adding more functionality to the ARIES Wireless Bridge in the future.

Here are the details.