Mind the Underserved Church Market in 2015

lcd-rental-easter-stage-church-0212Churches. They’re still not on the front page of many manufacturers and systems integrators based on past experiences with this market segment or perceptions about what church even looks like today. And, still, there it is: The underserved market that’s got money to spend and a need for what you make and sell.

2015 has begun, and the opportunity to find new or increased revenue streams with the House of Worship market abound. One segment of the church market you may not have considered is the portable church. Meeting in schools, movie theaters (Sunday mornings these sit empty anyway) and community centers, the portable church market is spending millions annually, but there’s only two companies out of the entire A/V/L industry that have targeted this market segment. Read about how both manufacturers and systems integrators alike can serve — and profit from — this space.

Also new in 2015 is the always fun Consumer Electronics Show. This is the year where A/V/L made a strong comeback, as CES’s leadership highlighted the top 20 technologies on the opening day of the show and A/V/L was represented in 13 of the new products. This is huge! With 4K leading the way, the Internet of Things (IoT) has also roared into 2015 as the tidal wave of technologies were awash in the tens of thousands of square feet of show floor. Of particular note, is how the consumer wants more automation and control – things the A/V/L industry knows a good deal about. And let’s not forget about the wirelessly connected world that wants desperately to attach with our devices. There’s a massive opportunity for the A/V/L industry to provide leadership – and increased sales – as the shift continues from IPv4 to IPv6.

All in all, 2015 is shaping up nicely for the H.O.W. market, which is made up entirely of consumers. The need to address these advances in technology with the timeless H.O.W. market is greater than ever. How will your firm respond?