Aurender Introduces Two New Audio Systems Aimed at Audiophiles


Aurender has just launched the X-PAC and N-PAC audio systems aimed at streaming audiophiles. The main difference between the X-PAC and the N-PAC systems is that the X-PAC manages massive collections (up to 20,000 CDs worth) on its internal hard drives, while the N-PAC accesses Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices for multi-room use, as well […]

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Universal Remote Control Ships SNP-2 Streaming Network Player


URC’s SNP-2 Streaming Network Player merges all music sources into one solution and graphical menu, providing access to streaming music services such as SiriusXM and Pandora, Rhapsody, vTuner and thousands of other internet radio stations — plus your own music collection that’s stored on an attached NAS drive, PC, and/or Apple computer. Windows Media, iTunes […]

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Fusion Research Intros Single-Zone Music Server


Fusion Research announced this month that it is shipping a new single-zone audio streamer called Signature. The Signature is priced very competitively at $499 retail and has an integrated DAC that allows the Signature to output at 24-bit/192KHz and is the first Ovation product to ship with Apple AirPlay capability. The Signature can be expanded […]

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