Audinate To Acquire Video Business Portion of Silex Insight SA

Audinate to acquire Silex InsightAudinate has signed an agreement to acquire the video business of Silex Insight SA (“Silex”), based in Belgium. The Silex video business produces video networking products for manufacturers of AV equipment.

The acquisition includes a range of AV-over-IP products, including IP Cores, the VIPER Board, Video ASSP and Design Services. It also includes three Silex implementations of video codecs: Colibri, JPEG 2000 and VC-2 HQ. Audinate will acquire a team of eight engineers with extensive video implementation expertise and remains committed to supporting the existing Silex products and customers.

The acquisition of the Silex video business will allow Audin19ate to accelerate its strategic vision for integrated audio and video over IP and will add breadth and depth to its AV-over-IP product lineup. In addition, the transaction will increase video FPGA expertise within the company and cement critical mass for its video engineering team in Europe.

Silex will retain its existing security business. The transaction is expected to be completed on Jan. 31, 2022.