Atlas Sponsors NSCA Best Practices Conference

AtlasBPC-1013Atlas Sound will be the Premier Sponsor of this Fall’s NSCA Best Practices Conferences to be held in October and November 2013.

As a founding manufacturer partner of the NSCA, Atlas Sound looks to support integrators and their teams in helping to improve their business. Atlas will be on hand exhibiting key growth product categories and new products as well as leading a manufacturing training session on how VoIP audio fits into the analog audio world.  During this session Atlas Sound will discuss our industry’s shift toward increased networked solutions. Atlas will identify the keys to integrator success in this changing world including understanding the relationship between digital VoIP audio devices and traditional analog infrastructure and knowing how to properly incorporate digital and analog systems into designs in order to meet customer needs and budget requirements. Topics will include:

  • Advantages of VoIP Audio Solutions
  • Understanding Convergence Options for Digital and Analog
  • How to Select the Right Speaker for the Application
  • Training Salespeople and Technicians to Speak Network

“We are very excited to be a part of these regional events,” says Senior Vice President of Sales John Ivey. “We have seen the valuable ideas and networking opportunities that are generated every year at the Business and Leadership Conference, but many integrators and dealers cannot make the time to attend. Having multiple events in different locations will be very helpful to NSCA members and we look forward to seeing and assisting them any way we can at each show.”

To register for one of the upcoming NSCA Best Practices Conferences, click below:

October 16-17 Anaheim, CA
November 12-13 Boston, MA