dB Technologies Intros Sigma Series Active Speaker Line

dbtech-1013The new Sigma Series of loudspeakers from dB Technologies is a new portable audio system for live sound that the company says can be set up quickly and can be easily tweaked after rigging.

The Sigma Series features new custom speaker components designed exclusively for the series by RCF, as well as the latest generation of DSPs and dB Technologies Digipro power amplifiers. The series features three cabinets which can be used by themselves, or stacked or pole mounted to create the size system necessary for the venue.

Included in the Sigma Series are the S115 15” two-way active speaker, S215 double 15” quasi three-way active speaker and S118 18” subwoofer:

  • S115 — 15” two-way active system: This is a full range FOH speaker featuring a 15” woofer with 3” voice coil couples with a 1.4” high frequency titanium compression driver with 2.8” voice coil on a 60×40 CD horn waveguide. Specs include a frequency response of 46 Hz-20 kHz (+/- 10 dB), a new generation 1000-watt RMS Digipro G2 amplifier and 133 dB max SPL.
  • S215 — Dual 15” quasi three-way active system: Many venues demand high SPL and low frequency response. This full range system provides just that in a single cabinet. Loaded with dual 15” phase-plugged woofers with 3” voice coils, coupled with a 1.4” titanium compression driver with 2.8” voice coil on a 60×40 CD horn waveguide, this system is designed to handle considerable loads. Specs include a frequency response of 42 Hz-20 kHz (+/- 10 dB), a new generation 1400-watt RMS Digipro G2 amplifier and a maximum of 139 dB max SPL.
  • S118 — 18” active subwoofer: It offers an 18” low frequency woofer with 4” voice coil. Features include a frequency response of 32 Hz-110 Hz with switchable crossover at 80 Hz and 100 Hz, plus a new generation 1400 watt RMS Digipro G2 amplifier. This subwoofer cabinet achieves 134 dB max SPL.

The Sigma Series features 24-bit/48 kHz DSP with system presets (flat, boost) and limiter (dual active peak, RMS, thermal). The Digipro G2 power amp modules are rated at more than 90 percent efficient and designed to ensures that the output of the cabinets remains even and transparent.

Unique to this series is the H.E.T. cabinet housing. Remarkably rugged, the housings are made of premium quality multiply wood with a hardwearing, durable and scratch-resistant coating. Rugged plastic side panels provide excellent protection for the housing as well as integrated grips for transport. The cabinets are also designed so they can be easily stacked, or offer pole mount option.

Here are all the specs.