Atlas Sound Announces Flyable Line Array

AL-0614Atlas Sound has announced the release of its Atlas A-Line Acoustics AL123A-B and AL218A-B network configurable, flyable line array speaker and subwoofer. These new speakers are designed to provide high intelligibility and high output sound for large format installations including arenas, theaters, houses of worship and auditoriums.

The AL123A-B is a three-way line array speaker that features and integrated amplifier with DSP network control. The unit includes dual 12″ woofers, four 6″ mid-range drivers, and dual 1.4″ high frequency compression drivers. The AL123A-B features an integrated amplifier that delivers 2000-watts to the woofers, 800-watts to the mid-range drivers, and 400-watts to the high frequency drivers. The amplifier also includes on-board DSP software that allows the unit to be configured using the network to maximize the sound quality in the space.

The AL218A-B is a dual 18″ subwoofer enclosure that includes an integrated amplifier capable of producing 3000-watts RMS power. Both the EL123A-B and AL218A-B include the patent pending EZAL rigging system that enables them to be flown or stacked easily and securely. The units include a universal power supply that auto selects between 85V and 268V, 50Hz-60Hz.

Here are the details.