Atlantic Technology Debuts In-Wall Speakers Aimed at Home Theater and Music

atlantic-technology-iw110lcr-iw105lcr2-0216Atlantic Technology has introduced two new home theater speakers designed for discreet in-wall installations. The Atlantic Technology IW-110LCR and IW-105LCR are designed to be installed in the wall adjacent to flat screen TV’s or video projection screens. Their paintable grilles can be matched to the wall color for an unobtrusive presentation.

Both speakers use 6-1/2-inch mineral-damped polymer woofers, a 1-inch dome tweeter, and a first-order 3,500 Hz crossover network. A three-step tweeter level switch allows users to tailor the high frequency sound for optimal room acoustics, and computer-designed wave-guides optimize treble distribution.

The Atlantic Technology IW-110LCR uses a MTM (midrange-tweeter-midrange) driver configuration with two woofers bracketing the tweeter. When mounted vertically, this tends to create a broader soundstage ideal for left and right speakers. Mounted horizontally, it is a center-channel speaker. With its added woofer, the IW-110LCR, has the higher bass performance and efficiency of the two models. With its single woofer, the Atlantic Technology IW-105LCR offers proportional performance in a lower-priced package. Both models feature magnetic mounting grilles that prevent wall damage common to pry-off grilles. The speakers include built-in mounting clamps that make for quick and easy installation.

Atlantic Technology IW-110LCR and IW-105LCR in-wall speakers are shipping and list for $500 and $350 each, respectively. Here are all the stats.