Atlantic Technology Adds FS-WSLR1 Active Bookshelf Speakers

atlanticAtlantic Technology has expanded its SKAA wireless home audio ecosystem with the FS-WSLR1 active bookshelf speakers. These $649 speakers can operate as either rear-channel surrounds or as two-channel stereo speakers including as part of a SKAA multiroom audio system.

The FS-WSLR1’s design matches Gatecrasher3’s premium aesthetic, with a brushed black satin nonresonant extruded aluminum cabinet and black metal wraparound grilles. Each enclosure houses a 30-watt Class D amp, two 2.5-inch composite polypropylene mid-woofers and a ¾-inch aluminum-dome tweeter in a MTM array voiced to match Gatecrasher3’s drivers.

The controls on top of each FS-WSLR1 speaker feature volume up/down and a SKAA bonding button to switch to different SKAA transmitters. The multicolor LED behind the grille makes bonding and switching transmitters simple without needing to open an app, according to Atlantic Technology. These controls are duplicated on the included IR remote.

The FS-WSLR1s can work independently as wireless (or wired) bookshelf speakers anywhere a user wants to add music, receiving audio from SKAA transmitters connected to any analog or digital audio source, from SKAA amps and speakers or from the 3.5-millimeter priority sensing analog jack on the back of each speaker. The compact 3-inch deep speakers can be placed inconspicuously on a table, bookshelf or on-wall mounted by way of their included adjustable mounting brackets. This is optimum for placement as rear-channel surround speakers or for a stealth on-wall installation.

The speakers can also operate in a multiroom SKAA wireless network. Up to four FS-WSLR1 speakers can be set to function together as a SKAA multispeaker cluster. All speakers receive audio, with one speaker acting as the master controller for unified volume control. Endless multispeaker SKAA clusters can be set up throughout a home, such as the basement, patio, guest room, etc. and at the push of a button, the cluster can be activated switching music transmission to that area with no app or Wi-Fi configuration needed.