Atlantic Technology Now Shipping AT-Series Tower Speaker


Atlantic Technology is now shipping its AT-Series tower speaker, the AT-3. This two-way speaker is the successor to the AT-1. Like the AT-1, it incorporates Atlantic Technology’s H-PAS technology for enhanced bass performance, yet its cabinet size is 25% smaller. H-PAS has a proprietary cabinet design that directs the woofer’s back wave through an internal […]

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Atlantic Technology Adds 68x14x15-Inch Center Channel Speaker


Atlantic Technology has added a new center channel speaker in the form of the 8600eC — measuring 68x14x15 inches — yes, it’s giant-sized. It integrates a D’Appolito/M-T-M array consisting of four 6.5-inch fiberglass woofers with two 5.25-inch fiberglass mid-drivers and a 1-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeter internally isolated within their own airtight sub-enclosure. Like the company’s […]

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Atlantic Technology Ships FS Series Wireless Powered Subs


Atlantic Technology is shipping the FS Series wireless powered subwoofers, two new slim elegant compact subwoofers that deliver bass to any TV, soundbar or audio system. By using low-latency SKAA wireless audio technology these subs seamlessly work with Atlantic Technology’s line of wireless multi-room SKAA speakers, soundbars and amps as well any other brand of […]

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Atlantic Technology is Shipping New Patented Quad Driver Headphones That Create a Personal Music Sanctuar


Norwood, MA – March 23, 2020 – Atlantic Technology is now shipping their third new headphone of the year, part of a dramatic 30+ new product expansion revealed late last year and rolling out in 2020. The new FS-HR280 is a premium headphone with sound quality and ergonomic design that rival more expensive products. Developed for music […]

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Atlantic Technology’s Gatecrasher1 Wireless Multi-Room Speaker Now Works With Alexa


Combining the Hands-Free Convenience of Alexa Voice Control with the Outstanding Sound Quality of Gatecrasher1 Norwood, MA – December 10, 2019 – Atlantic Technology has added the capability of hands-free voice control by Alexa to their acclaimed Gatecrasher1 wireless multi-room 2.1 stereo table-top audio systems as part of the ‘Works With Alexa’ capability which wirelessly […]

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Atlantic Technology Adds FS-252 SKAA Wireless Bookshelf Audio System


The FS-252 system is the first of a new range of wireless products from Atlantic Technology that features SKAA wireless technology for receiving and transmitting high-quality audio. Derived from the pro music industry, SKAA is a standard designed for audio creating a dedicated ecosystem that far surpasses Wi-Fi in terms of sound quality, distance, ease-of-use […]

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Atlantic Technology Ships the 8600e LR Loudspeaker Series


Atlantic Technology is now shipping the 8600e LR Loudspeakers. This all-new speaker design employed in the 8600e LR features internally braced non-resonant MDF cabinets housing seven new Atlantic Technology drivers configured in a D’Appolito/M-T-M array, four 8-inch fiberglass woofers, two 5.25-inch fiberglass mid-drivers and an advanced 1-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeter with a neodymium magnet structure. […]

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Atlantic Technology Expands with Fourteen New Products at CEDIA 2018


At 2018 CEDIA Expo, Atlantic Technology will be exhibiting their largest product expansion ever. This includes a mix of SKAA wireless home theater, multi-room and personal products, plus premium tower speakers, subwoofers and outdoor speakers. Booth #4347. NEW Wireless Multi-Room Streaming Speaker – Gatecrasher 1: Atlantic Technology’s first Wireless system is a beautiful, compact 2.1 […]

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Atlantic Technology Ships Gatecrasher1 Wireless Music System


Atlantic Technology is now shipping Gatecrasher1, the first in what the company is calling a series of smart multi-room wireless speakers with integrated streaming services and internet radio. The new Gatecrasher is a 2.1 stereo table-top system integrated with stereo pair of ¾ inch aluminum dome tweeters mated with 2-inch cone bass-mid speakers and the […]

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Atlantic Technology Debuts SB8 High-Performance Compact Powered Subwoofer


Atlantic Technology has introduced its SB8 compact 125-watt subwoofer as the perfect companion to any home theater speakers, soundbar, or compact music system. Despite its small size, roughly 13x13x11 inches, the SB8 shares the same high-end features found on the company’s top-of-the-line subwoofers. The SB8’s down-firing design takes advantage of the acoustic benefits of woofer-to-floor […]

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Atlantic Technology Now Shipping its Flagship FS5 Front-Stage Soundbar for Large TVs


Atlantic Technology has begun dealer shipments of its new model FS5 Front Stage loudspeaker system. The Atlantic Technology FS5 contains all three front-channel theater speakers in a single enclosure. Its attractive piano-gloss cabinet is 50 inches wide but only 3 inches deep so it can be wall-mounted using built-in keyhole brackets, placed on a shelf […]

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Atlantic Technology Debuts LCR2 Ultra Compact Speakers


Atlantic Technology has introduced its new LCR2 ultra compact speakers in white or high-gloss black finish for a wide variety of audio and home theater applications. Just 8 inches tall, the Atlantic Technology LCR2 claims to be the smallest speaker ever offered by the company. The front baffle is designed to reduce diffraction and enhance […]

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Atlantic Technology Takes Subwoofer RCA-Audio Wireless


Atlantic Technology has introduced a wireless alternative to the RCA audio cable. The Atlantic Technology WA-60 Wireless Audio System eliminates the need for long audio cables with a low-frequency response down to 10 Hz – designed for subwoofers. It can also be used to connect receivers, computers, or any line-level audio device across a room […]

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Atlantic Technology Debuts In-Wall Speakers Aimed at Home Theater and Music


Atlantic Technology has introduced two new home theater speakers designed for discreet in-wall installations. The Atlantic Technology IW-110LCR and IW-105LCR are designed to be installed in the wall adjacent to flat screen TV’s or video projection screens. Their paintable grilles can be matched to the wall color for an unobtrusive presentation. Both speakers use 6-1/2-inch […]

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Atlantic Technology Launches New In-ceiling Speakers


Atlantic Technology has announced the first in-ceiling speaker specifically designed to reproduce “object based” elevation channels. In the last several months, Dolby and Auro (soon to be joined by DTS) have introduced algorithms designed to envelop the home theater listener with a bubble of sound coming from above. All of these formats are modeled on […]

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Atlantic Technology Intros 44-DA Speaker Module for New Dolby Atmos Sound Technology


Dolby Atmos is a new technology developed by Dolby Laboratories that adds a degree of realism to movie soundtracks. Dolby Atmos is an object-based audio format that allows sound mixers to accurately define the specific location of an audio object in a three-dimensional listening space. This represents a significant departure from the confines and limitations […]

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Atlantic Technology Ships TLC Ceiling Speakers


The new Atlantic Technology in-ceiling TLC-8.2/6.2 (two-way ceiling-mount speakers with a 1″ soft dome tweeter), TLC-8.3/6.3 (two-way ceiling-mount speakers with two 1″ soft dome tweeter) and the ICTS-6 HT (uses a heavy-duty 6 ½-inch woofer that is angled 15 degrees towards the listening area) are all shipping. TLC, which stands for “Trim Look Ceiling” are […]

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Atlantic Technology Adds Trimmer In-Ceiling Speakers


Atlantic Technology has introduced five new ceiling mounted loudspeakers for home theater and whole house distributed audio systems. The Atlantic Technology ICTS-6HT is an in-ceiling home theater speaker designed for use as the front left, center and right channels of a home theater system. The 6-1/2-inch polypropylene woofer is mounted at a 15-degree angle so […]

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Atlantic Technology Adds Wireless Transmitter/Receiver for Remote Speakers


Atlantic Technology has introduced a 30-watt amplified wireless audio system that can drive a pair of loudspeakers at ranges of up to 300 feet from the transmitter. The WA-5030 Wireless Transmitter/Amplifier System combines a new WA-5030-r zone amplifier and wireless receiver with the three-zone WA-50-t wireless transmitter. The WA-50-t transmitter can be sourced from any […]

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Atlantic Technology Licenses H-PAS to SpeakerCraft


Atlantic Technology has signed an agreement with SpeakerCraft to collaborate in the development of new loudspeaker systems using Atlantic’s revolutionary H-PAS bass configuration technology. Through application of H-PAS technology, SpeakerCraft will be able to provide its customers with loudspeakers that Atlantic says will deliver deeper and smoother bass in much smaller cabinets than was previously […]

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NetStreams and Atlantic Partner for 100 Percent Digital Stream and IP-Based Speaker System


Part of the Atlantic Technology speaker line and dubbed the ICTS-6.1-IP, the new in-ceiling speakers allow for the speaker’s crossover and equalization functions to be performed digitally upstream, in a NetStreams amplifier – connected to each speaker via a Phoenix port. The combination of the Atlantic speakers with a NetStreams SpeakerLinX amplifier, such as the […]

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Atlantic Debuts Low-Cost, Networkable In-Ceiling Speaker Options


Atlantic Technology last week announced a 6” IP-based speaker that they are calling “a modestly-priced in-ceiling loudspeaker that delivers excellent sound quality for a wide variety of music and home theater applications.” Like all of the company’s dual-mode Internet Protocol (IP) speakers, the Atlantic Technology ICTS-6.1-IP is fully compatible with IP-based whole-house systems like NetSteams, […]

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Atlantic Technology Developing IP-Ready Speakers for NetStreams

Atlantic Technology announced the company is working on IP-ready loudspeakers compatible with NetStreams’ StreamNet whole-house IP AV distribution technology. Atlantic says the company is taking advantage of NetStreams’ synchronized digital signal from the source for high-quality sound delivery. NetStreams will be showing these speakers in their booth (930). Atlantic modified three of its in-wall systems—the […]

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