Wolf Audio Systems Intros Luna R Audio Serve

wolf audio systems luna r audio serve

Wolf Audio Systems today announced the introduction of its Luna R Audio Serve. The Wolf Luna R uses the same silicon architecture found in the Alpha 3 SX. Depending on the option chosen, the Luna R features either an audio-modified Windows 10 Pro or new, proprietary Linux-based WolfOS operating system. The Luna R offers 2 terabytes storage capacity (expandable to 32TB), 24-bit and DSD playback capability, an upgraded Flux Capacitor 24-megahertz master clock and additional improvements. The Flux Capacitor creates USB Audio signals with less jitter and better accuracy, for a more natural and more involving musical presentation, whether in stereo or multichannel PCM and DSD.

The Luna R has a sleek, half-rack design that fits easily into any audio system. It can play back a wide variety of stereo and multichannel audio formats including FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, SACD, DSF, DFF, (PCM) from 16 – 32 bits, 44.1, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 384, and 768-kilohertz audio, and DSD DoP and Native up to DSD1024.

At the heart of the Luna R is Wolf’s Windows-based operating system. Users can also opt to utilize WolfOS Linux-based operating system, based on Ubuntu software. The WolfOS features a custom kernel that offers the lowest I/O latency possible, keeps the audio functions isolated from the rest of the server and works seamlessly with the Luna R’s output circuitry. The Luna R includes 2TB of SSD (solid state drive) storage capacity for ultra-fast access to all content. An optional 32TB of expansion capability can also be added internally, while the Luna R can interface with external hard drives and any NAS system via the network. The Luna R’s Teac Blu-ray transport, now standard on Wolf audio servers, enables users to rip CDs and play audio discs in DVD and Blu-ray. The drive can also burn discs for storage or transport.

The Luna R incorporates micro-vibration control, better electrical grounding and radio frequency interference (RFI) suppression. For example, the server incorporates Portals, a new patent-pending type of grounding-noise conditioning, to remove MHz- and GHz-frequency power contamination and deliver a new level of clarity and resolution. Stillpoints internal standoffs are used to attenuate internal micro-vibrations, while constrained layer damping materials reduces ambient vibration to the case and non-critical componentry. Audience OHNO high-purity oxygen-free copper internal wiring ensures maximum signal purity.

The Luna R offers easy access to its musical content via HDMI and DisplayPort for use with a television and/or monitor. Its wireless connectivity also allows the user to control all functions using a wireless keyboard, mouse or tablet, or via a home automation system remote control, and also remote access via web browser and iOS/Android applications.

Like all Wolf Audio servers, the Luna R is compatible with a wide range of audio applications and streaming audio formats including Roon, JRiver, Audirvana, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer and others. The server can connect to a TV or monitor to display album cover art, artist, track and album information and more. It offers a full complement of USB, Ethernet, HDMI and IR inputs and outputs, ensuring compatibility and full function for years to come.

The Luna R is currently available in black or silver finish at a retail price of $4,500 with 2 TB of storage, and $5,000 for the Luna R Pure Digital Edition, with the Flux Capacitor included and 4 TB of storage. The unit can be supplied with optional Stillpoints Mini SS isolation feet at an additional $500.