Rants and rAVes — Episode 1020: The E4 Evolution Is Back With an Encore Week and Free 4K TVs!

rants and raves 1020

Almo is incentivizing its Encore Week of the E4v (E4 Evolution) show by giving away a 4K TV, a sounder (with sub) system and a new VDO360 OSHA-approved headset EACH DAY of the event (Nov. 30-Dec. 4) to three lucky #AVtweeps! So, if you missed any of the E4v sessions last month during the original E4 Evolution event, or if you want to earn more CTS RUs before the end of 2020, head over to and watch any of the 25+ education sessions. You’ll earn CTS RUs from each one — and with the chance of winning a 4K TV just for watching, you won’t find a better deal! Watch this videocast with Almo’s Melody Craigmyle for all the details!