Enplug Launches Post-COVID Tools for Its Digital Signage Platform

EnplugEnplug has launched a suite of post-COVID tools in its digital signage platform keeping employees informed, safe and engaged. Keeping employees informed about the latest workplace safety information is vital, especially in light of frequently updated health guidance. Users can now crop-and-rotate graphics to predefined screen layouts or adjust aspect ratios as images are uploaded, eliminating the extra step of adjusting images in an external editor or wasting time changing them after upload. Additionally, it’s now possible to reorder and tag many images simultaneously, making it easy to quickly search and find the right content to put at the beginning of a playlist to highlight the most relevant and important information. Lastly, video upload speeds are now twice as fast, making it easy to share the latest safety guidelines quickly without a lengthy upload process.

While most organizations re-imagined their workplaces in response to COVID-19 many months ago, the pandemic requires them to continually adapt to ever-changing health and safety directives. To that end, Enplug regularly updates its COVID-19 Safety App and Coronavirus News App, making it easy for companies to keep employees and customers informed with the latest guidance from local, state and federal health departments.

With hybrid work, employee needs are becoming increasingly complex. Enplug makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of digital signage no matter how or where a team is working. Web Player lets users show digital signage content in locations where it is not possible to install a media player device. And ScreenSaver for Mac and PC makes it easy to show digital signage content to employees working from home. Lastly, ScreenCast lets employees in the office connect to existing digital signage screens and mirror content from their laptop to share or present information to other employees while maintaining a safe social distance.

With communication currently more critical to business success and safety than ever before, stakeholders in different roles and functions now have new content responsibilities. With this new distributed content management model in mind, Enplug created a new dashboard to make it easy for any employee — no matter their role — to manage content and access relevant information at-a-glance. Most notably, users can customize their dashboard homepage with widgets such as Recently Viewed Content, Featured Tips, Screen Status, Enplug Device Ordering and more. Additionally, a new sidebar menu and content view make it easier to quickly navigate to important items and accurately preview content.

Maintaining a consistent corporate identity and strong presence is critical for businesses to stay top-of-mind with employees and customers. Enplug gives large organizations and enterprises the tools needed to make sure their digital signage strategy is working, and that it supports their brand values. Advanced monitoring and control, as well as content approval workflows, make it easy for content managers to ensure content stays on brand. Enplug’s Company Templates App allows users to lock sections of a template so users can only change predefined elements. Lastly, custom corporate font uploads allow enterprises to add brand fonts to the platform and provide them for use across the organization for cohesive branding.

With greater attention paid to safe and touchless forms of communication, many businesses are expanding their use of digital signage, rolling it out to new offices and locations. At the same time, businesses have to be flexible and adaptable to succeed in a sometimes uncertain environment. Enplug enables these businesses to scale their digital signage networks as needed with functionalities such as custom zoning configurations, which means new groups of screens can be added without manually recreating all the settings. It’s also possible to tag display groups and organize them by region. Lastly, users can receive display group notifications via webhook for easy integration into other platforms.