WAVEcast Episode 11: Executive Management Talks NSCA’s 2013 BLC

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icons-waveThis WAVEcast, we talk with the exective team of the National Systems Contractor’s Association (NSCA) about the 15th annual Business and Leadership Conference help in Phoenix, AZ last week. Chuck Wilson, Executive Director, Ingolf deJong, President of the Board of Directors, and Ron Pusey, Board of Director, share with us from the conference the history, highlights, and what attendees gain for their business from participating. You’ll hear about the activities, that took place over the 3 days, the value and knowledge offered by world-renowned speakers, and their perspectives on what they and the industry business leaders and owners participating take away from being part of this one-of-a-kind industry conference.

Also announced at this year’s conference, Chuck Wilson’s new book, Under the Social Influence, has been released and will be available to public on March 1, 2013. Wilson’s new book is a handbook primarily for younger employees who want to learn how to adapt and thrive in the professional workplace through examples and exercises focused on everything from setting priorities to surrounding yourself with positive people. For managers, Wilson provides expert mentoring tips for developing strong and positive relationships with your younger staff.

Two dollars of the proceeds for every book sold is donated to the NSCA Education Foundation to offer continuing education and you can learn more about Under the Influence visit www.underthesocialinfluence.com.

To find details about the 2013 NSCA Business and Leadership Conference, click here.

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