VuWall at ISE2018

VuWall is recognized for its solutions to operate video walls with simplicity in control rooms and collaboration rooms.  At ISE2018, VuWall will present its new technological developments and introduce its unique product ecosystem strategy.

Software is the core of the ecosystem

What makes the VuWall product line unique is that all products are based on the same core of VuWall2 software. The product range includes the well-known VuScape video wall controllers; along with both VuStation, the line of personal video wall controllers and CoScape, the presentation and collaboration solution. In other words, this means that someone familiar with VuScape will immediately be operational with CoScape and VuStation. This is true for the operator as well as for the AV integrator.

Seamless Communication

In addition, those three families of products can communicate with each other. For example, a VuScape operator in the control room can easily send content to the CoScape station in the crisis room next door, and a remote VuStation operator can display the content of a video wall driven by a VuScape controller on his own desktop.

AV-over-IP management platform

At ISE2018, VuWall will demonstrate its AV-over-IP management platform, TRx, which includes the control and configuration software as well as the encoders, decoders and video wall over IP processors. This new product line is of course also designed to communicate seamlessly with the VuWall2-based product line.

If you want to find out more about VuWall’s video wall control solutions and AV over IP management, please visit us at ISE2018 booth # 15- N275