Now on Sale: Award Winner VDO360’s Autopilot Tracking System


VDO360 launched its AutoPilot Tracking System at ISE 2018 in February and we noticed by awarding it the Best New Videoconferencing Accessory in our Best of ISE 2018 Awards. VDO360 is now discounting the AutoPilot Tracking System as a part of a summer sale. Read about the system below.

Providing a video output of 1080p at 60 FPS through USB 3.0 or DVI/HDMI, the 12x optical zoom PTZ camera uses facial, shape and motion tracking through the Perfect Track software. No fobs or lanyards are required, thus limiting points of failure and the need for battery replacement. The out-of-the-box setup process makes it extremely easy to use and the management is fluid with control and access from any browser, tablet or smartphone. Plus, the natural zoom feature keeps the presenter is a proper frame.

The AutoPilot Tracking System offers a professional-grade add on to the current VDO360 lineup creating an ideal set-up for lecture capture. The AutoPilot package features the Saber PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom, low-light ability, a large field of vision at 72.5º, belt drive technology, reverse mounting capabilities (standard tripod screw on the bottom of the unit), DVI-I (HDMI) and USB 3.0 output, full function remote control and an Intel Compute Card and Dock. The Intel Compute Card provides the processing power for the Perfect Track software with an Intel M3 processor, integrated 4GB RAM (complimenting a 128GB hard drive), full Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability and Windows 10 Pro for full enterprise integration. Topped off with remote program management from any tablet, smartphone or browser, the AutoPilot Tracking System package truly is the Best New Videoconferencing Accessory from ISE 2018.

Here is a video that we shot at ISE 2018.

The summer sale special offers customers the DVI/HDMI model for $3,999, down from the list price of $4,795. The USB model is now going for $4,149, down from $4,945. Find it here.