VUE Audiotechnik Announces Advanced Software Offerings in Run-Up to InfoComm Unveilings


vueaudioinfocommSan Diego, CA (May 16, 2013) – With the al-4 Subcompact Line Array System now shipping, VUE Audiotechnik
today revealed a technology roadmap that will bring immediate enhancements to the al-4’s capabilities, while also foreshadowing broader technology initiatives to be unveiled at the upcoming InfoComm show in Orlando.

EASE Focus 2 for al-4 Kicks Off Expanded Partnership

VUE has licensed a complete suite of industry-leading acoustic measurement and modeling software from Berlin-based AFMG Technologies. Included are EASE Focus 2, SysTune, and AFMG’s highly-anticipated FIRmaker technology.

“As the undisputed leaders in acoustic measurement and room modeling, I’m tremendously excited to leverage AFMG’s powerful technologies across the VUE product lines,” explained VUE CEO Ken Berger. “We’re kicking off this collaboration by making EASE Focus 2 available for use with our new al-4 line array.”

EASE Focus 2 is a powerful sound system design and aiming application that is able to predict line array performance in virtually any venue. Users can optimize the array’s configuration to maximize both output and coverage. The free EASE Focus 2 software for VUE’s al-4 line array is available immediately from here. At the same time, VUE is distributing the al-4 GLL file for use with AFMG’s full EASE 3D acoustic modeling application. The stand alone al-4 GLL file can be downloaded here.

“This is only the beginning,” shared Berger. “We’re also making AFMG’s SysTune our go-to analysis tool for both development and application work, and beginning an aggressive development project utilizing their new FIRmaker beam steering technology. We’ll be sharing more details about the latter in the coming weeks.”

More information about AMFG technologies is available at

SystemVUE Network Control and Management

VUE Audiotechnik is also announcing the immediate availability of SystemVUE networking and control software for all VUE DSP-enabled loudspeakers and processors. Currently this includes the h-Class full-range systems and subwoofers, as well as the V4 Systems Engine that powers the al-4 Compact Line Array System.

“All of our DSP systems were designed from the ground up to be part of a network,” explained VUE Design Chief Michael Adams. “There’s no need for additional cards or retrofitting. Users only need the SystemVUE software application to get up and running.”

Designed specifically for easy set-up and operation, SystemVUE automatically creates a usable TCP/IP-based network without requiring manual operator intervention or special configuration servers. Any SystemVUE-enabled product will automatically recognize and connect to virtually any kind of IP configuration including DHCP-based networks, a fixed IP network, or even an ad hoc network (directly connecting to a computer via Ethernet cable). Just plug in and the devices are instantly recognized.

SystemVUE Software is “command central” for the SystemVUE network. The highly intuitive interface combines system and device-level control and monitoring capabilities with an elegantly powerful user interface that takes a practical, real-world approach and puts the most critical functions right up front and within easy reach.

SystemVUE Software is available in beta form immediately from The application is free and fully compatible with both Macintosh OSX versions 10.5.8 – 10.8.3, as well as Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems 64- and 32-bit versions.

About VUE Audiotechnik

VUE Audiotechnik is a California-based designer, manufacturer and marketer for professional audio systems for a broad range of sound reinforcement applications including: touring sound, theatre, club sound, portable PA, houses of worship and commercial audio. A truly global company with a local feel, VUE Audiotechnik is committed to achieving the absolute highest level of loudspeaker performance through a “real-world” design philosophy utilizing advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques, all backed by an unwavering commitment to support, service and long-term relationships.