Vizio Debuts Three New Sound Bars

S3821w-sm-0813Vizio’s newest sound bars include a new 29″ 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar (S2920w), a 38″ 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar with what it’s calling “integrated deep bass” (S3820w) and a 38″ 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with a wireless subwoofer (S3831w). They all share the same design as VIZIO’s borderless M-Series Razor LED TVs.

Featuring DTS audio technology, the sound bars are rated at audio output specs of 95 dB, 98 dB and 100 dB for the 29″, 38″ 2.0 and the 38″ 2.1, respectively.

The 29″ is priced at $80, while the 38″ 2.0 is priced at $120 and the 38″ 2.1 with wireless sub is $180. Get all the specs here.