Draxxon Designs New Mobile Virology Testing Center With Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Bar

Yamaha deployment

The All-In-One Video Collaboration System Provides High-Quality Communication Between Medical Personnel at COVID-19 Rapid Testing Sites, Helps Maintain Social Distancing Requirements

The Yamaha Unified Communications CS-700 Video Sound Bar is now an integral solution within the new DX-1000 Advanced Virology Testing Platform (AVTP) from Draxxon, a leading mobile command center equipment manufacturer. Designed to provide an instantaneous response during COVID-19 and similar outbreaks/events, the AVTP is a self-contained, easy-to-operate mobile testing truck. The CS-700 AV collaboration device allows medical personnel working at rapid testing sites to interact with each other inside and outside the unit safely while speeding up setup, operation, and data collection.

“As part of the process for designing our vehicles, we look for reputable systems with simple, one-button operation,” said Tyler Ackerman, Draxxon’s director of business development. “We do a lot of research and development to determine what technology — from the matrix switch, to displays, even down to the cables — works best in this environment. The CS-700 fit this objective perfectly. It delivers great audio and video quality in an all-in-one design that eliminates the configuration and operation of separate webcams, speakers, and microphones.”

Part of Draxxon’s innovative fleet of DX-1000 Unmanned Aircraft System command centers, the AVTP is a multipurpose platform designed to be deployed to the middle of any outbreak or event. Agencies can send healthcare officials to investigate, communicate, and mitigate the problem in the most efficient, safe, and secure environment possible. Once on-site, sample collection and rapid testing can begin within minutes.

The Yamaha CS-700 is integrated into Draxxon’s DX-INTERCHANGE System, which provides seamless video and audio communication between personnel inside and outside the AVTP. Using the unit’s comprehensive conferencing system at rapid testing sites, personnel are able to effectively work together in real time while maintaining safe social distancing.

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The AVTP features two CS-700 devices; one is installed inside the vehicle, and a second unit is integrated into the vehicle’s rear DX-Outdoor Work Station, which provides medical personnel interacting with the public the same access to information and relevant data provided to personnel working inside. The CS-700 features an adaptive beamforming microphone array for perfectly captured conversation even when the vehicle is on and the air conditioning unit is running. Four Yamaha speaker elements provide the highest degree of audio intelligibility and a wide-angle HD camera allows personnel to see each other — even those working 6 feet apart outside the vehicle. As a result, personnel are able to maintain safe, real-time communication and rapid response that’s critical for testing.

For any institutions interested in a CS-700 for their facility, Yamaha UC is offering the CS-700 at a 15% discount. Please reach out to for purchasing info.