Visix Releases New Electronic-Paper Room Sign

visix ep 125

Visix has announced the release of its newest electronic-paper room sign, the EPS 125. This 12.5-inch E Ink sign is the third e-paper sign from Visix, alongside its EPS 60 and EPS 74 models.

New EPS 125 room signs have a large display surface with a resolution of 1304 x 984 pixels (4:3), which is twice as big as most e-paper room signs on the market. The signs can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation, with an anti-reflective screen — offering high visibility and contrast, and a 180-degree viewing angle.

EPS 125 room signs can display bookings from popular scheduling apps like Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar, EMS and others, all fed by an RF transmitter. Screen layouts can include graphics like shapes, logos and QR codes, and the displays support black, white and red ink. The signs are wireless and battery-powered, with batteries only being tapped when the screen changes. Because the signs weigh one pound, they are easy to mount on walls, glass outside shared spaces or cubicles used for office hoteling.

EPS 125 signs come with a frame in either black or white, and Visix also offers custom frames and architectural surrounds with raised room numbers, braille and custom graphics.

Visix offers two interactive room signs in addition to its EPS models. Touch-interactive signs are powered by the company’s AxisTV Signage Suite CMS, while the Connect room sign is a stand-alone, interactive space management solution.