Visit Radio Active Designs At InfoComm Booth #149: Check Out The UV-1G Wireless Intercom!

radioactivedesign2Radio Active Designs, spearheaded by James Stoffo and Geoff Shearing, officially launched in November 2015 with the introduction of the innovative UV-1G wireless intercom system featuring technology that changes the way people think about
wireless intercoms.

— The belt packs (RAD packs) transmit on the VHF band freeing up valuable UHF bandwidth for wireless mics and IEM systems.

— Each channel has an occupied bandwidth of only 25kHz

— Operate 30 base stations with up to 180 RAD packs in the same UHF footprint as a one base station four beltpack system that uses traditional FM technology

— UHF base to pack frequencies operate below allowed range of portable TVBDs

— Radio Active Designs also offers a range of accessories for the UV-1G wireless intercom system.