VUE Audiotechnik Announces Dante Support For All DSP-Based Products

dante-vue-audioteknikVUE Audiotechnik will unveil new Dante support for its digital DSP-enabled systems at InfoComm. Planned for both the h-Class family of Ultra-High Definition Speaker Systems and V Series DSP/Amplifier Systems Engines, the update, set to officially ship in September, will be incorporated within all future products, and upgrades will be available for owners of existing systems.

VUE Audiotechnik has been including an Ethernet in both product lines to accommodate control, with the expectation that future expansion would include Dante audio networking. With the recent unveiling of the Dante Ultimo chip, a cost-effective but feature-rich Dante solution for low channel-count applications, all VUE DSP systems can now include the functionality at a competitive price point. Like every Dante product, the Ultimo allows the VUE h-class and V Series systems to operate in any Dante environment, with routing of audio streams for each individual Dante-enabled product.

Released earlier this year, the Dante Ultimo chip is the perfect solution for speaker products, which require only a single or pair of input streams. Providing the full Dante input capabilities, the Ultimo allows VUE to be a complete Dante network client, enabling the company’s products to go into environments where there is already Dante infrastructure in place, such as theme parks and stadiums.

The Dante upgraded h-Class, which includes the h-Class full range and subwoofer systems, will begin shipping in September at no additional cost. Upgrade solutions for existing h-Class systems will also be available at that time. The V Series V4 and V6 with on-board Dante capabilities will follow suit by the end of 2015 and here are the details.