Vestel Visual Solutions Launches NFT Art Collection for IFX 4K Interactive Display Series

boardVestel Visual Solutions has marked the launch of its next-generation IFX Series of 4K interactive displays with the creation and showcase of its own NFT art collection. Depicting some of the greatest thought leaders of all time, including Aristotle, Socrates and Hippocrates, the tokenized artwork has been designed using the IFX displays’ Whiteboard application. Made up of six pieces, the NFT art collection is now live on OpenSea.

“Offering a tailored technology solution for both the classroom and the boardroom, the Android 9.0-powered IFX displays inspire and support creativity in all forms, from design and ideation to dynamic problem-solving,” said Selcen Uyguntuzel, deputy general manager of sales, Vestel. “By using the IFX Whiteboard application to create our own digital art collection, we believe that we have managed to achieve this. We have not only become one of the first AV brands to design and then mint our own art, but also to use an NFT collection as part of a product launch.”

“A fun collection, the art itself is a nod to the great trailblazers who have paved the way for today’s leaders, and tomorrow’s next generation of dynamic thinkers,” Barış Altınkaya, deputy general manager of marketing, Vestel, said.

The displays’  24-point IR touch technology gives multiple users the opportunity to work on the screen, simultaneously and with a gesture. The Quick Palette feature can be launched for fast access to the pen, highlighter and screen capture and screen crop tools. The Whiteboard application is basically a big-screen blank canvas you can write on it using a magnetic pen or your finger.

With the Eshare app, you can wirelessly share content to and from all connected Android compatible devices. In addition to this app, you also have the option of using QR codes, which allow guests to connect wirelessly to the displays from any connected device.

The new IFX Series brings you a range of easy-to-access connectivity options at the front of the displays. These include multiple HDMI inputs, as well as the USB Type-C port and open pluggable specification (OPS) slot.