Vestel Visual Solutions Launches IFX Series of 4K Interactive Displays

Vestel IFX seriesVestel Visual Solutions has launched its IFX Series of 4K interactive displays available as 65”, 75” and 86” collaboration displays. Supporting UHD HDR content within an ultra-slim bezel design, they also have two 20W front-firing speakers including Dolby Audio Processing. The displays’ 20-point IR touch technology facilitates collaboration, giving multiple users the opportunity to work on the screen simultaneously. And, a Quick Palette feature can be launched for fast access to the pen and highlighter, as well as the screen capture and screen crop tools.

In addition, a Whiteboard application allows for write, draw, highlight and design, and a magnetic pen provides the option of auto-recognition for two colors, as well as two pen tip sizes on the same pen. The shape and handwriting-to-text recognition features work to give users the confidence that all the content they create will be clear and professional-looking. With an Eshare app, users can wirelessly share content to and from all connected Android compatible devices. In addition to this app, there is also the option of using QR codes, which allow guests to connect wirelessly to the displays from any connected device.

Powered by the Android 9.0 OS connectivity includes multiple HDMI inputs, a USB Type-C port and an OPS slot. Here are all the specs.