Vestel Visual Solutions Adds Q Series Display Range

vestel visual solutions

Vestel Visual Solutions announced the expansion of its display range Thursday with the arrival of the new Q Series family. Featuring four new 24/7 models — the 65” QN65, 55” QN55 and QP55, and 49” QP49 — the Q Series is UHD resolution (3,840×2,160) and HDR 10 on the QN65 and QN55, and FHD resolution (1,920×1,080) on the QP49 and QP55, with a 500-nit brightness level on the QN65 and QN55, and 700-nit on the QP49 and QP55.

Each of the Q Series displays has been specifically designed and tested for 24/7 use and the panels will last over 50,000 hours while using a slim-line ELED design with narrow bezels — 12.1 millimeters.

The Q Series connectivity includes three HDMI ports, an OPS slot, external control and a built-in USB media player while the CMS options include using the Android OS or externally connecting any player.

The Q Series is available now.