Trinnov Audio Offering DTS:X Pro Free for Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors

trinnovaudio iseTrinnov Audio, a designer and manufacturer of reference audio processors for home theaters, high-end hi-fi, professional audio and commercial cinemas, is expanding its in-house platform by offering DTS:X Pro as a free-of-charge update to all new and existing owners of Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors.

Promoted by Trinnov Audio throughout 2019 in partnership with DTS, Trinnov will demonstrate DTS:X Pro for the first time as a publicly available technology in a purpose-built 15 seat 15.3.10 channel immersive audio theatre in Hall One, stand 1-N100, in partnership with co-exhibitors Procella Audio and Kaleidescape. An Altitude32 processor and Amplitude8 power amplifiers will be utilized for the playback system, along with 28 Procella loudspeakers, Procella amplifiers, a Kaleidescape Strato and a Sony VPL-W5000ES projector.

Fighting obsolescence: the DTS:X Pro software upgrade is now being provided at no charge to all new and existing owners of Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors. Whilst other manufacturers need to release a new generation of products to support this feature, Trinnov’s unique software-based platform, designed for sustainability with unprecedented power and upgradability, requires no hardware change. The upgrade is available through a simple online download that is typically completed in under 15 minutes.

DTS:X is an immersive object-oriented audio format that can provide astoundingly high spatial resolution and imaging. Prior to the introduction of DTS:X Pro, DTS:X for the home was limited to only 11 main channels plus LFE, typically in a 7.1.4 configuration. Trinnov’s unique implementation of DTS:X Pro enables discrete rendering of the full DTS:X complement of 30.2 channels, up to the channel capacity of each individual processor.

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Trinnov’s Altitude32 processor is the only consumer processor capable of discretely rendering the 26 unique channels of the ISE demonstration system. Processors based on traditional DSP-based platforms are currently limited to 16 discrete channels. This is significant because systems with higher speaker counts provide a higher degree of spatial resolution and greater immersion, in addition to providing much greater consistency of sound among all the seats in a theater.

Introduced in 2014, Trinnov’s Altitude32 processor remains uniquely capable of up to 32 discretely rendered channels for home theater, and up to 64 independent channels to include multi-amplified speakers and multiple subwoofers when used with a separate Altitude48ext. For more modest systems, the lower-cost Altitude16 can render 16 discrete channels whilst maintaining the same benefits in terms of longevity. Both models benefit from Trinnov’s exclusive, patented technologies, including Trinnov’s Speaker/Room Optimizer and 2D/3D loudspeaker remapping.

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