Trinnov Audio Selects Kordz Cables to Help Demonstrate WaveForming and Infrasonic Bass Technology

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Kordz showcases the power and reliability of its cabling solutions at the first U.S. demonstration of Trinnov Audio’s revolutionary WaveForming technology with Ascendo Immersive Audio’s infrasonic bass technology at CEDIA Expo 2023, booth 4233. To ensure optimal power and performance of these next-generation audio systems, Trinnov has selected Kordz as its sole provider of HDMI and speaker cabling.

Kordz’s industry-leading PRS4 passive and active HDMI cables and ONE Series speaker cable will connect a wide range of reference-level audio products from Trinnov and other premier manufacturers to showcase the impeccable audio reproduction of Trinnov’s state-of-the-art AV processors and amplifiers, 24 active subwoofers from Ascendo Immersive Audio, as well as best-in-class products from Kaleidescape, MadVR Labs, Barco, and Seymour-Screen Excellence–all inside a custom designed cinema created by acoustic expert, Officina Acustica.

This powerful 120,000-watt 13.1.6 Dolby Atmos system introduces CEDIA Expo attendees to a whole new way of experiencing audio. Waveforming combines a new algorithm with new home theatre design guidelines to effectively reduce the low-frequency problems that can plague small rooms. Ascendo’s active subwoofers add to the effect in a first-ever-heard-at-CEDIA Expo infrasonic bass reproduction—audio frequencies that can be “felt” by the human body but not heard. This adds a new dimension to the home theatre experience.

“A 120,000-watt system can literally melt ordinary cable. So a multi-million-dollar demo of this caliber combining two groundbreaking technologies—WaveForming and infrasonic audio reproduction— to create a one-of-a-kind home theatre experience represents the perfect opportunity for Kordz to showcase the superior capabilities and engineering of its HDMI and speaker cabling when the stakes are high and failure is no option,” says Kordz Managing Director James Chen. “We’ve been a huge fan and advocate of Trinnov for many years and our participation in their CEDIA Expo demo this year is even more meaningful as we both celebrate 20 years in the AV business and a shared passion for engineering high-quality products that propel the industry forward.”