Trinnov Audio Launches WaveForming Design Tool for Audio Professionals

trinnov waveforming design tool

Trinnov Audio announced the launch of the WaveForming design tool. Designed for audio professionals, this online tool “simplifies the process of specifying room layouts that are scientifically sound and tailored to deliver the exceptional WaveForming audio experience,” according to the company.

WaveForming claims to offer a solution to the most challenging aspect of home cinema: accurate low-frequency reproduction, which is often hindered by room modes. This product delivers “clear and detailed bass even in rooms with difficult acoustics layouts.” WaveForming shifts the focus from merely treating room acoustics to proactively shaping them. It employs advanced algorithms to optimize the interaction between multiple subwoofers and the listening environment, a method recognized with multiple industry awards for its effectiveness and innovation.

Executing a room designed with WaveForming technology can be intimidating, requiring precise measurements and calibration to function optimally. The new WaveForming design tool aims to simplify this complexity, empowering dealers, distributors, enthusiasts and industry professionals to explore what it would be like to implement WaveForming within their project space. The tool allows users to identify the optimal number and arrangement of subwoofers for their specific space.