The Way I See It: Train the Trainer


By Ray Estrada

I had the opportunity to participate in CEDIA’s Registered Outreach Instructor (ROI) “Train the Trainer” class at the 2012 CEDIA EXPO. The class was led by Peggy Ward, CEDIA’s industry relations manager, and was focused on helping CEDIA members, mainly Electronic Systems Contractors (ESCs) with learning best practices when approaching architects, builders, and designers to provide them with continuing education credit, as well as training these trades on how to work with ESCs on client projects.

As a company, this training will allow us to network effectively with professionals who interface directly with customers that need qualified Electronic Systems Contractors (ESC) for their home projects and renovations.

The ROI “Train the Trainer” course provided many opportunities to interact with my industry peers. My favorite part of the training was when we broke into groups and took turns critiquing each other’s presentations.

It gave us the rare opportunity as AV professionals to provide constructive feedback about the strengths and weaknesses in our peers’ training methods. It was great to be part of a group of trusted individuals who shared the same ideals and goals as I have. But being part of the ROI program is more than just business connections and peer-to-peer evaluations; it also adds value to my company’s products, services, and to the industry as a whole.

At Tekmax Technologies, we want to educate trade partners on how instrumental it is to have a qualified ESC in the planning, design, and implementation phases of a project. And the ROI program is just one way (out of many CEDIA provides its members) to show this.

Moving forward, I look forward to building and creating more trusting and long lasting relationships with our clients, builders and design professionals thanks to CEDIA’s ROI training.

Looking for the next Registered Outreach Instructor (ROI) “Train the Trainer” opportunity? CEDIA is holding its next class on Fri., Nov. 30 at the Lutron Experience Center. Click here to learn more…it is never too early to start planning your trip.