Philips Ships hue Wireless Lighting System Controlled via iOS

philips-hue-1012Exclusively available at the Apple Store, for now, the Philips hue wireless lighting system is available starting tomorrow. In case you haven’t heard, hue is designed to bring lighting control to the consumer in a unique and simple way. Each light bulb (for now, only available in standard E26/Edison socket) has a wireless transmitter and receiver. Up to 50 lights can be tied together using a Philips-designed wireless access point that connects to your home wired or wireless network. Using the Web-based set-up software or your iPhone or iPad, you then create zones — as many as you want — by telling each bulb which room it’s in. After that, you have a wireless lighting control system.

There’s more cool stuff after that. Once it’s set up, you can program zones (or a certain number of bulbs) to turn on at timed intervals, by day vs. night designations, as a wake-up alarm — the system can even slowly dim to put your kids to sleep. One really interesting feature is the way the lights can emulate a color temperature of an environment. You can pull up a phone you took or saw online, import it to the hue App and then make the bulbs match that color temperature.

No question that hue doesn’t do everything most HomeAV integrators want in full lighting control, but this will have an impact on the CEDIA channel.

Check out the video here to fully understand how it works.