The Joys of Telecommuting

If you keep up with me on any of the major social media platforms, you know that in the spring I joined the awesome team at Pivot Communications. While starting a new job and getting to stay in the same industry is super exciting in itself, this opportunity was even more exciting as I was going to be consistently telecommuting.

The first few weeks included the usual on-boarding with a new employer; I spent time figuring out who everyone is and what their best practices are. Since I’ve joined the team, we’ve experimented with a few software platforms for project organization, which allows us to constantly improve our inefficiencies. While learning new software can sometimes be a pain, I am happy to work for a company that is constantly looking to improve itself and its employees’ productivity.

I knew from the beginning that I would have to set a schedule for myself. Since the office operates in Salt Lake City and I am on the east coast, I needed to figure out which time zone worked best for me. I decided to stay on eastern time and committed myself to starting my workday no later than 8:30 a.m. each day. So far that approach has worked best for me since it gives me alone time to work on projects that require my full attention and concentration.


So far I am really digging telecommuting; however, I experience challenges that cause other people to not want to continue telecommuting. Here is a quick list of my pros and cons of telecommuting:


  • Workday can be flexible
  • Little to no commuting
  • Saving money that was previously spent on lunch, snacks, coffee, gas, tolls, etc.
  • No dress code (yes I wear pants and I do shower daily)
  • I have an assistant – his name is Phinneas and he is a Lhasapoo
  • Occasional travel to HQ in Salt Lake City, UT (I love to travel)
  • The opportunity to work for a company that intrigues and excites me


  • Distractions – laundry, dishes, and puppies are my top three
  • Limited human interaction
  • If my computer has issues, I am down until it is fixed

I am happy with the decision I made and would definitely recommend telecommuting as an option for anyone considering it. Learn how you will work with your team and what tools you need to be successful.