Tascam Adds New Sonicview Digital Mixer Line for Wide Application Ranges

tascam sonicview 16 sonicview 24

Tascam has released its new Sonicview digital mixer line in the form of the Sonicview 16 or Sonicview 24, both products aim at a wide application range, including fixed installations, recording studios, broadcasting and touring. Sonicview consoles incorporate a new multiscreen user interface called VIEW (Visual Interactive Ergonomic Workflow) which allows operation and control of all system parameters using fully customizable touch screens, user-definable buttons and control software.

Sonicview consoles include a 64-channel Dante interface, a 32-bit/96-kHz multi-channel USB audio interface, and a wealth of inputs and outputs. A 54-bit FPGA mixing engine offers floating-point processing with continuous high-definition sampling at 96 kHz, and 32-bit analog-to-digital converters. The FPGA also ensures ultra-low latency of 0.51 milliseconds, even in analog-to-analog connections.

The two models differ in frame size and the number of physical inputs, mic preamps, motorised faders, and touch screens. An optional expansion card allows 32-track recording directly to an SD card, while an additional expansion card can provide further audio ports such as analog outputs, MADI, Dante or AES/EBU. For remote control, users can connect a Wi-Fi router to the Sonicview’s Ethernet port and use the free Tascam Sonicview Control software for macOS, Windows, and iPadOS to manage the mixer from virtually anywhere in the venue.

Tascam is also offering a new Dante-enabled stage box (SB-16D) with 16 inputs and outputs and high-quality preamps that allow microphone gain to be remotely controlled from the Sonicview. The stagebox can be used on the floor or rack-mounted and is an ideal addition to the new mixer line.