Tascam Announces TM-70 Dynamic Microphone

tascamTascam announced the TM-70 Dynamic Microphone designed as a hybrid of super-cardioid and dynamic elements. According to the company, TM-70 is resistant to ambient noise and is ideally voiced to handle the nuances of the human voice — making this microphone a choice for live broadcasting, podcasting, film dialog and audio streaming.

The Tascam TM-70 Dynamic Microphone is a specialty mic for vocal audio production. Featuring a super cardioid polar pattern and a frequency response of 30 hertz ~ 20 kilohertz, the TM-70 was specifically engineered to capture what it is pointed at, effectively isolating sound sources such as directional dialog. Tascam says the mic’s super cardioid directivity makes it resistant to ambient noise, thus enabling users to achieve an audio signal that results in speech intelligibility. Equally notable, as the TM-70 captures more of one’s voice and less room sound, it becomes easier for engineers to provide the ideal mix.

Being specifically tuned and ready for professional podcasting, film dialog, broadcasting and livestreaming applications, the Tascam TM-70 delivers mix-ready, no-fuss audio, enabling one to focus on capturing the best possible performance as opposed to tweaking the EQ settings or using isolation baffling.

The Tascam TM-70 Dynamic Microphone package ships with these included accessories: (1) a shock mount to reduce low frequency rumble, (2) a 6-foot mic cable and, (3) a table-top mic stand.