Tannoy Releases New Autograph 12 Floor-Standing Speaker on Its 70th Anniversary

tannoy 12 floor standing speaker

Tannoy is set to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the original Autograph loudspeaker by unveiling the new Autograph 12. The company says the new Autograph 12 pays homage to the company’s dual concentric drive unit while introducing new features. For nearly a century, Tannoy has been at the forefront of speaker innovation. In 1947, it pioneered the field with the dual concentric design, which it has been refining ever since.

Tannoy is renowned for developing the first true point-source transducer — the Dual Concentric driver. First developed in 1947, the technology has been subject to constant evolution and refinement over successive decades, taking advantage of new materials, manufacturing methods and ongoing acoustic research. The latest iteration of this technology is found in Tannoy’s industry leading loudspeaker products across a wide range of commercial install and sound reinforcement applications, including premium in-ceiling, in wall and surface mount systems

Unlike ordinary drive units, Dual Concentric is two drivers physically merged into one. The high frequency unit is positioned on the back of the low frequency driver so that they are effectively on the same axis.

Sound energy is propagated from exactly the same point and delivered through the centre of the low frequency cone- a true point-source. The Dual Concentric delivers a spherical wave front that ensures even dispersion in the horizontal and vertical planes, providing exceptional off-axis performance.

The Autograph 12 builds upon Tannoy’s legacy. A two-way floor-standing speaker designed for larger living spaces, the Autograph 12 uses its latest-generation 12-inch dual concentric drive unit.