MUSIC Bails on (Some) Trade Shows

music-group-0117In a LinkedIn post yesterday, MUSIC Group Chief, Uli Behringer, said they are going to focus, in the future, on bringing customers to them (to their Customer Experience Centers) rather than sending that same money on some future trade shows. MUSIC includes brands like Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Turbosound, Tannoy, TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Behringer and Bugera.

In his post, Uli said, “We believe that we can provide you with a much better experience by inviting you to our “house” or visiting you at your place and treating you like a true friend. For us, noisy and stressful trade shows are the equivalent of “speed dating,” which does not coincide with our values of building and nurturing relationships.

I’ve contacted Uli to ask about ISE and InfoComm, but haven’t gotten a response. His post was specific in that they wouldn’t be exhibiting at the world’s largest all-audio show, NAMM, any longer.

MUSIC Group can be found here.