Tannoy Debuts CMS 3.0 at ISE

tannoy-cms-0117Claiming the reinvention of the Dual Concentric driver, Tannoy is launching the CMS 3.0 at ISE in Amsterdam next month. The latest line of Dual Concentric equipped CMS comprises five models — CMS 403DCe, CMS 503DC, CMS 603DC and CMS 803DC — each designed to replace previous equivalent iterations — plus an all-new CMS 803DCQ 8” high-Q model, designed for high-ceiling/longer throw applications.

The new driver features what Tannoy is calling Omnimagnet technology and a Torus Ogive Waveguide assembly that they said is deigned to deliver more consistent and controlled directivity, with notable improvement in higher frequency ranges, in comparison to previous generations. The CMS 3.0 also features mechanical and aesthetic changes that make the process of specifying, installing and commissioning easier, with new back cans and clamp designs to more convenient termination panels and a choice of grille fixings, from the classic bevelled edge to the new Arco Grille accessory.

CMS 3.0 utilizes a 16 ohm driver, making it able to be used in high performance low-impedance systems powering 8 CMS 3.0 loudspeakers per channel — with optimized performance when used in conjunction with LAB GRUPPEN LUCIA amplifiers.

Here are all the specs.