Z-Wave Long Range Spec and Starter Kit Announced; Line of Sight Transmission is 1 Mile!


The Z-Wave Alliance announced the Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR) specification is available for product development. Z-Wave LR connectivity enables new IoT applications beyond the home, without any need for repeaters, ensuring easy install and low cost. With a network size of up to 4,000 nodes, Z-Wave LR provides the scalability needed in MDU & […]

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Z-Wave 700 Launches on the Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko Platform


Silicon Labs has launched the Z-Wave 700 on the Wireless Gecko platform. Z-Wave 700 delivers on Silicon Labs’ vision and platform integration roadmap following the company’s acquisition of Z-Wave technology in April 2018. According to Silicon Lab, the new smart home platform builds on Z-Wave’s S2 security and interoperability by improving energy efficiency and adding […]

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URC Debuts New MXHP-R700 Remote for MX HomePro


URC today announced the launch of the MXHP-R700 handheld remote for MX HomePro. URC also expanded MX HomePro system control to eight zones and introduced a new Sonos certified two-way module.This new programmable Wi-Fi handheld remote boasts a 2″ LCD with custom onscreen menus. The R700’s ergonomic design, backlit keypad, intuitive layout and finger grooves make it ideal for entertainment […]

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RTI Offers Integration With Z-Wave-Enabled August Smart Lock Pro


RTI today announced compatibility of its control systems with the August Smart Lock Pro from August Home. Utilizing RTI’s ZW-9 Z-Wave Interface Module, integrators can provide centralized access control for their customers throughout a home or building and remote access control using RTI’s RTiPanel app. The ZW-9 uses the Z-Wave wireless protocol to provide the communication link between an RTI system […]

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Control4 Announces Release of the CA-1 Automation Controller


Control4 Corporation announces the immediate availability of the Control4 CA-1 Automation Controller. The CA-1 is specifically for lighting, temperature control and security in a home. At $350 list, the new controller is designed to appeal to homebuilders, MDU developers and hoteliers, giving them a way to differentiate with the inclusion of the most sought-after smart home experiences.Designed specifically for […]

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FutureSource Says Silicon Labs’ Z-Wave Deal May Herald New Dawn for Smart Homes


2018 could bring a breakthrough in smart home device interoperability. Silicon Labs – a Texas based manufacturer of ZigBee Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips – is set to buy the Z-Wave operations of Sigma Designs for $240 million. The deal could boost the $6 billion Smart Home industry*, which is already expected to grow strongly in the coming years. Silicon Labs originally […]

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Nortek Security & Control Announces ELAN Integration With 2GIG GC3


Nortek Security & Control (NSC) today announced the integration of the ELAN Entertainment and Control Platform with the 2GIG GC3, claiming it to be the industry’s first Z-Wave Plus Certified Security panel. The GC3 panel can now be controlled natively from within the intuitive ELAN user interface ELAN’s Auto Zone Detection simplifies installation; once the panel has been configured, all zones […]

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Meet Milo, the First Combination Smart Speaker and Home Hub with Z-Wave Plus and the Google Assistant


The Milo Smart Home Speaker (Milo) by Hogar Controls claims to be the first combination smart speaker and home hub to include support for Z-Wave Plus; it also adds multi-platform access for Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Milo’s integrated smart hub feature also works with the Google Assistant, so you can ask questions, control devices throughout your home, stream music and more. Milo leverages the Z-Wave […]

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New Entry Sensor from Fibaro Adds Temperature Monitoring and Enhanced Design Options


FIBARO is now shipping the Door/Window Sensor 2, a Z-Wave Plus certified smart home device. A slim smart sensor that can be installed on any door, window, gate or set of blinds in the home or office, Door/Window Sensor 2 can be connected to Fibaro’s Home Center ecosystem or a Z-Wave hub and accessed through the accompanying smart app […]

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Pro Control Now Offers Z-Wave Control and Lighting Solutions


Pro Control today announced it is now shipping its all-new Z-Wave solutions. The Pro.zwi Z-Wave interface module utilizes Z-Wave RF technology to enable what the company says is simple and cost-effective monitoring and control of Z-Wave-enabled systems and devices via a Pro Control system. The new solutions include a line of switches and modules to enable users to manage lighting elements both […]

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FIBARO Launches KeyFob Home Control


The FIBARO KeyFob enables home control via management and activation of Z-Wave connected devices working within the same network. Using Z-Wave 5 you can control six devices or set up marcros to activate pre-programmed scenes. The mini FIBARO remote control has an LED display that indicates the current status of the device, such as alerting whether it has entered wake up mode, is undergoing […]

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RTI Ships New Z-Wave Control and Lighting Solutions


RTI today announced the company is now shipping its all-new Z-Wave solutions. The ZW-9 Z-Wave interface is aimed at cost-effective monitoring and control of Z-Wave-enabled systems and devices via an RTI control system. The ZW-9 Z-Wave interface utilizes the Z-Wave wireless protocol to provide the communication link between RTI systems and lighting, door locks, thermostats […]

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Z-Wave Alliance Ups Security Requirements for All Z-Wave Certified IoT Devices


The Z-Wave Alliance has adding a security requirement to its long-standing interoperability certification. This addition to its certification program will require manufacturers to adopt the strongest levels of IoT security in the industry. The Alliance Board of Directors has voted to make the implementation of the new Security 2 (S2) framework mandatory for all products […]

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FIBARO Debuts New Suite of Lighting Control Micro Modules


FIBARO will debut a suite of lighting modules featuring advanced energy monitoring at CEDIA EXPO 2016. Dimmer 2, an advanced lighting module with unique features, as well as Relay Switch 2, available as a single and double option, will be featured in booth 7800. One of the first FIBARO lighting control devices in the U.S. […]

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Clare Controls CLIQ.mini


Clare Controls latest control system is promoted as an affordable system that does lighting, door and garage locks, thermostats, CCTV cameras and entertainment control. The CLIQ.mini is a cloud-based  that receives power and connectivity via a single wire, and communicates wirelessly via Z-Wave and Wi-Fi, as well as wired via IP. By utilizing a single […]

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Pro Control Announces New Z-Wave Lighting Control Solutions


Pro Control recently introduced an all-new line of Z-Wave lighting control solutions. The new Pro Control lighting control solutions utilize Z-Wave RF technology, creating a wireless network that integrates with Pro Control’s home automation systems via the Pro.zwi Z-Wave interface module. Designed for both new construction and retrofit installations, the product line consists of light […]

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RTI Unveils Next Generation Control System


Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) today announced its lineup of new products at CEDIA EXPO 2014, including a 10-inch KX10 in-wall touch panel with HDMI video, the ZW9 Z-Wave interface and the XP9 control processor featuring an HDMI output with support for on-screen display (OSD) capabilities. The 10-inch wide-scrreen (WXGA) KX10 in-wall color touch panel allows […]

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Home Awareness and Energy Management Company enerG to Launch at 2013 CEDIA Expo


Home awareness and energy management brand enerG Corp will officially debut at CEDIA next month. The company’s Home Awareness System (utilizing the Z-Wave platform) allows homeowners to control, customize and automate all connected devices in the home and receive important system notifications on their Android and iOS devices. The enerG starter package consists of a […]

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