FIBARO Launches KeyFob Home Control

The FIBARO KeyFob enables home control via management and activation of Z-Wave connected devices working within the same network. 

Using Z-Wave 5 you can control six devices or set up marcros to activate pre-programmed scenes. The mini FIBARO remote control has an LED display that indicates the current status of the device, such as alerting whether it has entered wake up mode, is undergoing a prolonged activation of a particular scene, or if it has a low battery. A KeyFob user can also program the battery capacity, which is alarm-activated, in order to be alerted when the battery is running low, to ensure the device never dies while being in use. Standard use of KeyFob, which about an average of 5 scene activations per day, will keep the battery life going for a little over 2 years.

More information about the FIBARO KeyFob is here.