RTI Unveils Next Generation Control System

RTI_KX10_White-0914Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) today announced its lineup of new products at CEDIA EXPO 2014, including a 10-inch KX10 in-wall touch panel with HDMI video, the ZW9 Z-Wave interface and the XP9 control processor featuring an HDMI output with support for on-screen display (OSD) capabilities.

The 10-inch wide-scrreen (WXGA) KX10 in-wall color touch panel allows for customized of both entertainment sources or environmental conditions and it includes an HDMI input as well as composite video input. Using a new low-profile design, the unit is capable of controlling devices directly via IR or RS232, and features two-way control and feedback when used within a complete RTI control system.

RTI_ZW9_Front-0914The ZW9 Z-Wave interface is branded by RTI as cost-effective monitoring and control for Z-Wave-enabled systems and devices. Using the Z-Wave wireless protocol, the module provides the communication link between RTI systems and lighting, door locks, security cameras, thermostats and other Z-Wave-enabled devices. Eliminating the need for a different app for each device, the ZW9 — combined with an RTI XP processor — provides users with unified control and monitoring over all devices directly on their RTI remote control or mobile device with the RTiPanel app.

Debuting an all-new control processor here at CEDIA, RTI’s new XP9 now offers HDMI output with support for onscreen display control capabilities. In addition, the processor features control options such as nine routable IR ports, eight two-way RS232 ports, eight sense ports, eight relays, a multi-tasking operating system, an astronomical clock and more. For simpler software downloads, the processor is equipped with an Ethernet connection, which also enables IP control and support for the RTiPanel and Virtual Panel apps.

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Here are the details on the KX10.

Here are specs for the ZW9 and XP9.