Clare Controls

clarecontrols-cliq-1015Clare Controls latest control system is promoted as an affordable system that does lighting, door and garage locks, thermostats, CCTV cameras and entertainment control. The is a cloud-based  that receives power and connectivity via a single wire, and communicates wirelessly via Z-Wave and Wi-Fi, as well as wired via IP. By utilizing a single wire solution, integrators reduce installation time, lower the chance of commissioning and maintenance errors and reduce time spent on troubleshooting and repairs. Single wire installation also makes this unit ideal for retrofit applications. Since the system is cloud-based, programmers can handle configuration and maintenance remotely, minimizing truck rolls.

The’s compact design and wireless connectivity provides installation flexibility that allows it to be mounted to a standard telephone wall plate, installed in a closet, or in racks and structured wire enclosures. The controller can also be used in freestanding retrofit applications by simply plugging it in and placing it on any flat surface. The price point, compact design, and seamless installation make the enticing to builders for new construction opportunities.

Clare Controls is simultaneously releasing support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) featuring auto-discover capabilities for Clare cameras, Sonos and Sony products, requiring no additional equipment or licensing fees. Additionally, the controller is supported by over 1,000 traditional device drivers. The will be available through the Clare Controls dealer channel and will list for $1,000.

Here are all the specs.