Extron Introduces Interactive Wayfinding Interface


Extron just introduced the TLSI 201, an interactive wayfinding interface that provides real-time meeting space availability, status and location information using a centralized display. Designed to connect directly with Extron Room Scheduling panels, the interactive wayfinding interface enables users to easily locate and book meeting spaces and make ad hoc meeting reservations. Simply configure the […]

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Philips Details GoBright Partnership for Room Management


Philips Professional Display Solutions has announced a partnership with meeting room management platform provider GoBright BV. The agreement between the two Amsterdam-based companies sees the Philips 10BDL3051T multi-touch 10″ T-Line display become fully certified and fully compatible with the GoBright platform for the first time. More Philips models are to be added shortly. The GoBright […]

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Crestron Updates Room Scheduling Platform


At InfoComm 2019, Crestron updated its room scheduling platform. Ad Astra, CollegeNET, New Wave Apps and SpaceIQ now run on Crestron room scheduling touch screens. Crestron is also debuting the latest additions to its family of room scheduling touch screens with the TSW-560 and TSW-560P, both of which support direct connect scheduling. Crestron touch screens […]

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Crestron Expands Room Scheduling Platform at ISE


At ISE 2019, Crestron debuted its latest hardware and software additions to its room scheduling platform. Two new scheduling panels — 5″ portrait and 5″ landscape — are now available, along with an optional room availability light bar. Like all Crestron scheduling panels, they connect directly to a Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365 and G […]

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Scheduling, Software as a Service and the Day I Sat Through the Same Presentation Four Times


I don’t know if “As a Service” has replaced “experience” or “convergence” in the AV buzzword bingo game, but it certainly has been a hot topic as of late, opening some interesting questions as to how the business models of traditionally hardware-centric AV companies fit into a software — and software as service — based […]

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Extron Intros 10″ Room Scheduling Panel


Extron has announced the TLS 1025M, a 10″ panel for Extron Room Scheduling systems. This 10″ stand-alone TouchLink Scheduling panel connects directly to a variety of popular calendar services and requires no additional scheduling software or external processors. It’s has an integrated native 1280×800 capacitive edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass touchscreen that is scratch and smudge-resistant. The […]

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Extron Ships TLS 525M 5″ Scheduling and Room Booking Panel


Extron is shipping its TLS 525M 5″ wall mount TouchLink scheduling panel. This stand-alone room scheduling panel connects directly to a variety of calendar services and requires no additional scheduling software or external processors. It uses a 800×480 capacitive edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass touchscreen that is scratch and smudge-resistant. The TLS 525M also features PoE (Power […]

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Extron Announces 10″ Room Scheduling Panel


Extron Electronics has introduced the TLS 1025M 10″ panel for Extron Room Scheduling systems. This 10″ stand-alone TouchLink Scheduling panel connects directly to a variety of popular calendar services and requires no additional scheduling software or external processors. It features a 1280×800 capacitive edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass touchscreen that Extron says is especially scratch and smudge-resistant. […]

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BTX Announces BookIT Room Scheduling Solution (Version 2.5) at InfoComm 2018


BTX Technologies announced today that their BookIT digital room scheduling sign solution version 2.5 is slated for release and will be shown at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas this week. The BookIT version 2.5 digital scheduling sign solution is used to schedule a conference or meeting room from any BookIT touch panel, mobile device or […]

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Extron Intros TLS 525M 5″ Scheduling Panel


The new Extron TLS 525M is a 5″ wall mount TouchLink Scheduling panel. This stand-alone room scheduling panel connects directly to a variety of popular calendar services, and requires no additional scheduling software or external processors. It features a vibrant 800×480 capacitive edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass touchscreen that is especially scratch and smudge-resistant. The TLS 525M […]

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Zoom Launches Room Display Sign Software for Zoom Rooms


Zoom Room Scheduling Displays use an iPad that’s placed outside the room to show current availability, display upcoming meetings and allow people to reserve time for a Zoom meeting. The scheduling system integrates with Zoom Rooms and any calendar system. Basically it’s an iPad app that allows the iPad to be locked out to only be a room scheduling device. After you […]

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HARMAN Pro’s AMX Upgrades Acendo Book Scheduling Touch Panels


HARMAN Professional Solutions today announced new firmware for AMX RoomBook scheduling touch panels, making them part of the new Acendo product family. Acendo Book scheduling touch panels are standalone scheduling panels that integrate directly with popular room scheduling software like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar without additional system software or hardware requirements. The […]

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BTX BookIt Room Scheduling Signs Make EMEA Debut at ISE


BTX Technologies will take their Room Scheduling System line, BookIT to the Integrated Systems Europe show being held in Amsterdam on February 7 – February 10 in Booth #14-H152. This elegant, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy system is designed for scheduling any conference room on the network from a BookIT touch panel located outside a meeting room, […]

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Crestron Room Scheduling Launches as Stand-Alone App


Now available, Crestron Room Scheduling allows organizations with multiple conference rooms and meeting spaces to schedule their meetings. Crestron Scheduling Touch Screens connect directly to Microsoft Exchange or other popular calendaring programs, such as Google Calendar and IBM Notes, to book impromptu meetings on panels outside of rooms or search for and book spaces based […]

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Kramer Demos EventBoard at InfoComm 2016


Kramer is demo’ing the EventBoard SaaS Room Scheduling Platform in C Hall, Booth C6825 at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas as part of the company’s Kramer@Work Complete Meeting Room Solutions. This user-friendly cloud-based room scheduling solution makes it easy with any device for meeting organizers to get a complete update on room availability and book […]

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Crestron Intros Fusion Cloud and Accompanying PinPoint App


If you’re using Crestron’s new Fusion Cloud Platform, or the on-premise version of this enterprise management platform, then you can use the company’s new PinPoint App — a personal, mobile scheduling app that lets employees take control of every aspect of their meetings, including scheduling, setup, execution and completion. Crestron says the app acts like […]

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Three Upgrades to Be Green, Save Money and Have Happy Employees


Everyone likes a nice office to work in, and there are many factors such as employee retention and public persona that drive companies to upgrade their buildings, but budgets still are the deciding factor. Here is why you can’t afford not to make these three upgrades now. Energy Monitoring – This fact is crazy but true: Just by monitoring your building’s […]

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BTX Announces New BookIT Room Scheduling Solution


BTX Technologies announced today that they are entering the room scheduling market with BookIT. BookIT will debut at InfoComm 2015 and will be available for sale in Q3 2015. With BookIT, a meeting can be quickly scheduled using the touch panel display at the conference room site, a computer from an office or a mobile […]

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Extron Ships Room Scheduler


Extron is now shipping the Extron Room Scheduling application. Extron says it has simplified the room booking experience by pairing standard TouchLink Pro touch panels with Microsoft Exchange to create a complete, easy-to-use solution. While competitive devices rely on additional scheduling software or external processors, TouchLink Pro touch panels only require free Room Agent software […]

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Building Automation 201: Campus Control in Three Steps


Campus environments are a special animal when it comes to automation. While they sometimes behave like one large building, that is where the similarities end and automation becomes a challenge to all but the most skilled in the automation trade. An educational campus, office park or any other gathering of buildings under single administration creates […]

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Extron Adds Room Scheduling


Extron’s new Room Scheduling, which combines the Extron Room Agent setup software and TouchLink Pro touch panels into a full-featured room scheduling system, do not rely on additional scheduling software or external processors, Room Agent ties TouchLink Pro touch panels directly to Microsoft Exchange. Users can reserve rooms from any Exchange-connected device, including their mobile […]

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VISIX Ships New Meeting Room Signs


Visix’s new room sign line will display event schedules and room availability, but can also be used for mass alerts and interactive content. The signs are Microsoft Exchange compatible and are integrated with EMS by Dean Evans & Associates, Google Calendar, R25/25Live by CollegeNET and Delphi by Newmarket. Alternatively, you can use text file import […]

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Visix Ships RoomBoard


Visix is now shipping its RoomBoard, which the company describes as a one-stop touchscreen wayfinding solution that shows space availability, maps event listings to rooms and integrates with MeetingMinder interactive room signs. Features include: Combines digital signage, interactive wayfinding and schedules Shows number of available rooms at top Available rooms show in green and busy […]

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