Extron Adds Room Scheduling

extron-room1-0115Extron’s new Room Scheduling, which combines the Extron Room Agent setup software and TouchLink Pro touch panels into a full-featured room scheduling system, do not rely on additional scheduling software or external processors, Room Agent ties TouchLink Pro touch panels directly to Microsoft Exchange. Users can reserve rooms from any Exchange-connected device, including their mobile devices or from the touch panel. Since Room Agent uses Extron’s popular 5” and 7” TouchLink Pro touch panels, multiple mounting options are available, including on-wall, in-wall, as well as secure mounting to almost any flat surface, including glass or granite.

With Room Agent, the TLP Pro 520M, 720M, and 720T TouchLink Pro Touchpanels require no programming, as they
simply operate as a client of Microsoft Exchange. Booking a room from the touch panel is as easy as tapping the “Reserve” button for the time you want. The intuitive interface clearly displays room availability and a timeline view of the room’s occupancy status for the rest of the day. In addition to the customizable touch panel interface, bright LEDs within the bezel make it easy to see if a room is occupied or available, even from down the hall.

For more information on Room Scheduling, go here.