NEWAURO Now Enables AURO-3D Support on Premium Audio Products

December 22, 2023

NEWAURO officially launched its collaboration with Premium Audio, enabling AURO-3D support on selected hardware devices by subsidiary brands under the Premium Audio umbrella. As part of this firmware update, consumers can now explore the full range of immersive audio formats offered in today’s market. Effective immediately, various hardware devices will support the AURO-3D firmware update, […]

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Rob Vieira Returns to Onkyo

November 28, 2023

Onkyo is pleased to announce the immediate return of Robert (Rob) Vieira to a new role as Senior Director of AVR Brands, Category Ownership and Integrated Electronics. Rob Vieira has more than two decades experience in home technology systems integration. In Rob’s new role, he is responsible for owning every aspect of the multiple AVR […]

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Onkyo Adds TX-SR3100 5.2-Channel AVR

November 7, 2023

Onkyo just introduced the TX-SR3100, a 5.2 channel AVR with HDMI 2.1a support that includes resolutions and refresh rates as high as 8K60 and 4K120 as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats. In addition to support for Dynamic HDR formats, ALLM, VRR, QFT and SBTM (Source-Based Tone Mapping), the Onkyo TX-SR3100 incorporates Dolby […]

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Dirac To Offer Dirac Live Embedded Room Correction With Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite and Integra

September 3, 2021

Dirac says it’s collaborating with Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite and Integra to bring its Dirac Live room correction feature to the companies’ newest lineup of audio and video receivers. Dirac will offer embedded room correction technology with Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite and Integra using its Dirac Live so that when an audio system’s inherent performance, […]

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Anatomy of the Podcast – Part 1: The “Other Shows” of 2015

December 15, 2015

It’s coming to the end of what I truly consider a winning year in podcasting here on rAVe. We will be moving strong into 2016 with AV Power Up, with some show and Crew member announcements going into the new year as well. Part 2 will focus on AV Power Up, here I will be […]

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Onkyo Corporation, DALI, Gibson Guitar Corporation and Amber Technology Join the WiSA Association

June 19, 2013

The Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association has announced the addition of key players in the home entertainment market as WiSA members. The WiSA Association is an industry group dedicated to bringing reliable, high-performance, interoperable, wireless, surround sound audio products to the home theater market. Joining the Association to advance its mission are Onkyo Corporation, […]

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ONKYO Debuts World’s First Receiver with New Dolby ProLogic IIz Standard, Plus Two More Receivers

April 14, 2013

As the first installment of its 2009 product line-up, Onkyo has introduced three new home theater receivers, including the world’s first to offer Dolby’s new ProLogic  processing – which can produce sound effects above the listener’s head. These models, which range in price from $299 to $599, also include processing from Dolby, DTS, Audyssey and […]

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Onkyo Debuts AirPlay Dock

September 20, 2012

Onkyo has introduced the DS-A5 iPod/iPhone/iPad Docking station, which adds AirPlay wireless streaming capabilities to Onkyo A/V receivers and many other audio products. The Onkyo DS-A5 allows owners of recent Onkyo A/V receivers — as well as older models lacking a USB port or an Ethernet connection — to receive content via AirPlay (wireless streaming […]

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Onkyo Adds More Music Streaming Options

Onkyo Unveils Three New High End AV Receivers – All with Cisco SimpleTap

June 27, 2012

Onkyo this week announced the release of three new models at the top of its A/V receiver line, including what it is claiming as the world’s first full 11.4-channel implementation of DTS Neo:X, as well as the first use of Cisco Linksys’ SimpleTap technology in an audio/video component. The company’s new nine-channel flagship product, dubbed the TX-NR5010 Network A/V Receiver, is followed […]

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Onkyo Intros Mid-Level Networked Home Theater Systems

June 22, 2012

Onkyo has introduced two new mid-priced home theater system packages, each combining a network receiver with several 3D-Ready HDMI inputs, high definition audio and video and a set of five or seven surround-sound loudspeakers with a subwoofer. These are Onkyo’s first packaged home theater systems to include InstaPrevue, a new source selection technology that provides a picture-in-picture display of programs available […]

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Onkyo’s New Mid-Range Receivers Add 4K Output

March 26, 2012

Onkyo has introduced two new mid-range receivers in the form of the TX-NR717 and TX-NR818, which are both 7.2 network-connected home theater receivers with THX-certified sound. The TX-NR818 also offers the audio calibration capabilities of Audyssey MultEQ XT32. The dual core video engine combines an HQV Vida VHD 1900 video processor core for upscaling all […]

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Onkyo Adds New Entry-Level Home Theater Receivers

February 13, 2012

Today Onkyo added four new home theater receivers including one with THX certification and the first to employ Silicon Image’s InstaPrevue and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) technologies. The four new models are the Onkyo TX-NR616 THX-Certified 7.2-Channel Network Receiver, TX-NR515 7.2-Channel Network Receiver, TX-NR414 5.1-Channel Network Receiver and TX-SR313 5.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver. The TX-NR616, […]

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Gibson Guitar Parners with Onkyo to Form New ProAV Division

January 4, 2012

As part of its continued diversification into the music and audio lifestyle arena, Gibson Guitar Corp. today announced a strategic partnership with Onkyo Corporation that will essentially form a new Pro Audio Division. Gibson will provide Onkyo with its marketing resources and expertise and Gibson will also acquire a majority of Onkyo USA (Onkyo’s exclusive […]

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Onkyo Unveils Two New Flagship Receivers

August 22, 2011

Today Onkyo announced the release of two flagship, high-end, network 9.2-channel THX Ultra2 Plus-certified A/V receivers — the TX-NR5009 and the TX-NR3009. Both receiver models include major upgrades from last year, including the use of the latest HQV-Vida and Marvel Qdeo video processors, new DTS Neo:X dimensional surround processing, Dolby Volume and new streaming internet […]

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Onkyo Shows 3D Home Theater In A Box System

July 21, 2010

Onkyo has become the first manufacturer to leverage 3D in ‘home theater in a box’ systems (HTiBs). The Onkyo HT-S6300 and HT-S7300 both have 3D-Ready HDMI 1.4a inputs, 1080p video upscaling, lossless Dolby and DTS high definition audio, Dolby height processing, Audyssey automatic room equalization, and numerous other high performance features typically not found at […]

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ONKYO Debuts 3 THX-Certified, 3D-Ready Receivers

June 17, 2010

Onkyo recently announced the release of three new mid- and upper mid-range network A/V receivers for 2010: the TX-NR1008, TX-NR808, and TX-NR708. Each of these models is THX Select2 Plus certified and offers the latest processing and so-called user-friendly features to support multi-room set-ups, network audio streaming, iPhone/iPod-compatible USB, and is fully 3D capable. All […]

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ONKYO Says They Have the World’s First 3D THX-Certified Receiver

March 15, 2010

Onkyo has announced March deliveries of its first 3D-Ready home theater receivers and home theater in a box (HTiB) systems. The new models consist of three A/V receivers and three HTiB systems ranging in price from $299 to $599, and all of them support the new HDMI v1.4 connectivity standard (not 1.4a) for new 3D […]

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Onkyo Goes Low-End

July 8, 2009

Onkyo USA, last week announced the availability of their products through Magnolia Home Theater, a division of Best Buy Company Incorporated, beginning later this year. “Having Onkyo A/V receivers and components sold though Magnolia Home Theater is one of the most exciting developments in my 15 years at Onkyo,” said Tom Ishii, Executive Vice President […]

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