Dirac To Offer Dirac Live Embedded Room Correction With Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite and Integra

tx nr7100

Dirac says it’s collaborating with Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite and Integra to bring its Dirac Live room correction feature to the companies’ newest lineup of audio and video receivers. Dirac will offer embedded room correction technology with Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite and Integra using its Dirac Live so that when an audio system’s inherent performance, a room’s size, shape, surfaces and even furniture alters how sound waves travel, the add-on feature will analyze a room’s speakers and acoustics to optimize sound quality with patented impulse response technology. Dirac says the result is more balanced sound, enhanced clarity, improved intelligibility of vocals and music, and more accurate staging.

Dirac Live’s room correction feature is now available in the new Onkyo TX-NR7100 and TZ-RZ50; the new Pioneer Elite VSX-LX305 and Elite VSX-LX505; and the new Integra DRX-5.4 and DRX-3.4.