Someone Call Security


Recent experiences have brought security installations to the forefront of my thinking. Security subsystems are something that AV pros have polarizing opinions on. Some don’t mind handling them, some do so only grudgingly, and others won’t touch them. Like everything, when deciding whether to do security at all there are pros and cons. The most […]

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The Challenge of Brand Protection


Manufacturers and distributors aren’t just responsible for growing their brands’ business and market share — they’re also responsible for maintaining their brands’ image and position in the marketplace, as well as supporting the best interests of their dealers. Products deserve to be sold for what they’re worth, and dealers who support the brand deserve to […]

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Service Efficiencies: Don’t Roll A Truck Twice


Time is money, and, for that matter, money is money. Everything your company does needs to focus on making the best use of both. Efficiency is everything, not just in project design and installation, but in after-install service as well. Your service techs need to follow processes and function as efficiently as your installers do. […]

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Product Review: StarTech Bluetooth Audio Receiver With NFC


I’ve always found myself drawn to and interested in problem solving devices, and sometimes I find them more interesting than larger pieces of equipment, like loudspeakers and video displays. The BT2A Bluetooth audio receiver from Lockburne, Ohio-based manufacturer StarTech is intended to turn any audio output device like amplifiers or integrated receivers into a Bluetooth-compatible […]

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The Only Article On Accounts Insurance You Need To Read


As a consequence of not being as compelling a story as things like the latest development in display technologies, something that almost never gets talked about in the trade media is receivables insurance. In fact, I’d even suggest that articles on install processes and white papers on esoteric control system concepts get more press. As […]

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Get Out Of Your Box


Some time ago,  Mark Coxon wrote a compelling editorial entitled “Stay in Your Box” and other Bad Ideas. Mark did his usual great job, and compelled me to want to build on his thesis: that it’s imperative to challenge yourself with taking on new directions. Looking back, the cognitive framework that makes the most sense […]

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