Fun With Relays


If you’ve spent any time at all in AV then you will be familiar with control interfaces that are commonplace to the CE channel: IR control, IR over RF and, if you’ve worked with automation systems, serial control — RS232 and RS485. But being a true integrator means being able to, you know, actually integrate […]

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This Is Why LinkedIn Doesn’t Suck


So fellow blogger Lee Distad just released a blog on LinkedIn and why, as he says, “it sucks”. In the spirit of offering praise first and criticism second, I can’t disagree with Lee’s premise that LinkedIn endorsements, in all of their glory, are virtually worthless.  Given that LinkedIn prompts users to endorse their friends for […]

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Hidden TV Installs


As luxuries become commodities, the trend continues wherein AV Pros place their focus on selling services and expertise, rather than just hanging their hats on the brands and technologies they work with. That’s no accident. Ten to twelve years ago, flat panel televisions were remarkable and expensive, and only high end dealers sold them, and […]

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Furniture For AV Pros


In the world of retail, the furniture business and the electronics business have been interwoven for a long time. While furniture stores often sell electronics these days and electronics stores sell furniture, the fact is that the latter seldom get as big a piece of the furniture pie as they ought to. There are two […]

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Back To Basics: Part 1


By Lee Distad Thanks to the proliferation of jargon and the growth of business-self-help books as a category, expressions like ‘best practices’ get thrown around a lot. Alas, like most jargon, people say things like that and while being well meaning, fail to really apply those expressions to what they do every day. What is a […]

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A Reminder On Wiring


By Lee Distad You may think that the AV industry is standardized, but it’s really not. Even though HDMI and Ethernet are the norm now, between the major hardware players and the growing number of smaller solution providers there is a remarkable amount of minor variation in the way that different manufacturers achieve AV distribution and […]

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Clothes Make The Installer


When you hear people refer to “professionalism” they generally mean doing great work, as well as presenting yourself to others in the best possible way. Beyond just the measure of their skills and abilities, the appearance of your installers and technicians is one of the details that either cements your company’s reputation for excellence, or […]

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The Holiday Season And AV Pros


By Lee Distad It’s almost mid-December already and the holiday selling season is well underway. By now I’m sure that veteran AV pros all have their stockings hung by the chimney, with care. And, if you’re anything like me, counting your blessings that you’re not in retail. Seasoned retailers are well aware that the holiday season […]

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