Remote Power Management


What matters most to all those expensive black boxes neatly connected and stitched up in the rack, connected via other expensive black boxes to displays throughout the project aren’t buzzwords like resolution or bit-rate but one single, simple thing: electricity. As even small (fewer than ten rooms or displays) systems depend on more sophisticated technology […]

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Warranties Redux?


In order to differentiate themselves from the big box stores on the one side and the trunk-slammers on the other AV pros set themselves up as systems specialists. They present themselves to clients as consultants who will deliver a complete solution. People who just want to watch TV can go to a big box store […]

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Fun With Relays


If you’ve spent any time at all in AV then you will be familiar with control interfaces that are commonplace to the CE channel: IR control, IR over RF and, if you’ve worked with automation systems, serial control — RS232 and RS485. But being a true integrator means being able to, you know, actually integrate […]

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Really Big Jobs: How To Survive And Thrive


Despite the fact that cost-is-no-object HomeAV projects occupy only the smallest top percentile of all the work done in the channel, they garner the most attention: features in magazines (both AV and architectural), awards like CEDIA’s annual systems competition, and of course the press releases of the manufacturers whose gear took center stage in the […]

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This Is Why LinkedIn Doesn’t Suck


So fellow blogger Lee Distad just released a blog on LinkedIn and why, as he says, “it sucks”. In the spirit of offering praise first and criticism second, I can’t disagree with Lee’s premise that LinkedIn endorsements, in all of their glory, are virtually worthless.  Given that LinkedIn prompts users to endorse their friends for […]

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Hidden TV Installs


As luxuries become commodities, the trend continues wherein AV Pros place their focus on selling services and expertise, rather than just hanging their hats on the brands and technologies they work with. That’s no accident. Ten to twelve years ago, flat panel televisions were remarkable and expensive, and only high end dealers sold them, and […]

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