Apple’s Lightning Connector: Stay Away From Bootleg AV


By Lee Distad I’m going to stray away from the usual editorial topic of AV business management and installation best practices and discuss a volatile topic in the wireless channel: the iPhone 5’s new connector cable, dubbed Lightning. Since the Sept. 12th announcement of the iPhone 5, the amount of typeface dedicated to Apple’s decision to […]

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Keep It Cool


When clients first decide that they first want a media room, their main focus is inevitably on how big their screen and sound system can be. If they’ve really thought things through, they’ll have factored theater seating into their dream space. The one thing that won’t occur to them is that having you engineer adequate […]

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Seeking Validation


Following the wiring phase, the next and arguably the most important step in any installation is testing and validating the lines and connections. Because of that, reliable testers are a critical tool. While a lot of testing can be accomplished with an off the shelf multi-meter from the hardware store, including checking voltage, and testing […]

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Cellular Signal Boosters: A Potential Profit Center for HomeAV Integrators


It’s an interesting fact that cellular signal boosters are the highest-volume, highest-margin electronics category that virtually no one outside of the mobile channel knows exists. Before I continue, let me just make this disclosure: I work for Hitfar Concepts Ltd, a Canadian distributor of Wilson Electronics, a major manufacturer of cell signal boosters. I’ll skirt […]

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Whose Warranty Is It Anyway?


For the clients of HomeAV systems dealers, a huge factor in the kind of satisfaction that leads to repeat and referral business is post-install service. The happiest clients know that their calls will still be returned after the dealer has cashed the Upon Completion check. And veteran dealers know that taking care of their clients […]

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Reaching Out To Your Clients


While it might be a poor turn of phrase to express it that way, repeat and referral business is so critical to the success of boutique high end AV dealers and integration dealers that it’s almost easy to take it for granted. Except that taking that business for granted is the last thing you would […]

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Favorite Jobsite Tools


The right tools and the skills to use them are at the heart of AV and control installation. Professional installers take their tools seriously, and those of the male persuasion are often inclined to add to their tool kits at every opportunity. One of my former co-workers was so fond of his tool collection (he […]

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