Stealth Acoustics Ships SA255 350W Mono Amp

sa-255-0155Built as a replacement of Stealth Acoustics’ 255R model, the new SA255 includes Stealth’s new blue back-lit front panel graphics and features a variable low-pass filter for use with Stealth, or other passive subwoofer speakers, and provides 350 watts of power at 4 ohm loads. The filter stage can be bypassed to allow for full range mono-brick operation.

In addition to a built-in limiter stage to help resist overloads and tighten up bass response, Stealth the SA255 features a wide array of input integration options; balanced XLR inputs, unbalanced RCA line-level inputs and speaker level inputs, all with pass-through outputs providing maximum flexibility in integrating the amplifier to a wide variety of sources. A no-signal auto mute function turns the amplifier off for energy conservation when audio signals are not present and immediately switches the amplifier back on upon resumption of source content.

The SA255 is shipping now. Here are all the detailed specs.