Stat AV Is Changing the Integration Game

stat av alix aviv cruz

It’s a complaint we’ve heard time and time again in the AV industry — that there’s something missing in the relationship between manufacturers and integrators. It’s quite an important, symbiotic relationship, and in today’s climate, there is no room for miscommunication or inefficiency.

This is something the Stat AV team identified during their time spent working for various ProAV companies over the years. (Collectively, they have worked for integrators, manufacturers, and distributors of professional AV products, procurement services and labor resources.)

“As I met with integrators over the years, I noticed that there was a pattern in terms of the efficiency dilemma in the industry, said Elle Aviv, “And several integrators were struggling with cost savings and the entire process of consistently executing registrations, negotiating every opportunity for rebate programs, and keeping price lists up-to-date.”

This is why Aviv formed Stat AV with two other exemplary women in AV (Jewels Alix and Liza Cruz) — it strives to end this efficiency dilemma once and for all.

“[The integrators] had a procurement team in place, which is great. And then they would have another department process registrations, but they weren’t consistent with the process,” Aviv said. “So they weren’t registering every single opportunity, which ultimately leads to missed opportunities — and at the end of the year, that really adds up.”

Where Does Stat AV Fit?

As mentioned above, Alix (operations), Aviv (business development) and Cruz (client relations) formed Stat AV in early 2021 in an effort to solve the roadblocks that come with understanding the unique processes of different manufacturers. This can be anything from registration programs, rebates, keeping track of updated costs, etc.

With the understanding of the unique challenges that come with being a 21st-century AV integrator, we come to a new question.

How, exactly, can Stat AV help?

“Collectively, we’ve worked within all facets of the AV industry, from distribution to manufacturing to integration,” Aviv said. “So we understand every aspect of the business and we’ve all come together to create a company that is essentially an extension of the integrators where we can manage this entire aspect of their business.”

In other words, Stat AV works to streamline AV procurement, sales and logistics processes for integrators. And on the other side of the coin, the company brings manufacturers new business and helps them manage cost files on a consistent basis. Additionally, Stat’s process helps manufacturers qualify bid projects without having to verify every opportunity each time a new bid is being processed.

How Does It Work?

The company offers annual and monthly subscription services (and custom packages), in which the team will complete project registrations across major AV commercial brands, deliver up-to-date cost files automatically and execute annual/rebate program negotiations on your behalf.

To do this, Stat AV has built a network of manufacturers that is growing by the day. In fact, it’s even entered an exclusive partnership with D-Tools, a system integrator software that supports up-to-date cost files. While not all of its manufacturer partners offer rebate programs, the key here is working with a company that has each vendor registration and rebate criteria readily available — a simple but genius premise.

What’s on the Horizon?

Stat AV is currently working to solidify itself in the market as a go-to service — and has been working to grow its team, hiring its Director of Strategic Alliance Jay Jones earlier this summer.

“With my background — over 30 years in the industry — I have established strong relationships in the industry,” said Jones. “I’m able to support the vendor side of the business by starting conversations a lot quicker. I negotiate contracts with our clients, make sure they are on the right pricing programs, and make sure the rebates are in place. At that point, I help them develop strategies to focus their efforts on growing their bottom line while building solid go to partnerships.

In its partnership with D-Tools, the company is also continuing to grow its list of manufacturer partners and is currently focusing on partnering with other women-led groups and initiatives in AV. After speaking with Alix, Aviv, Cruz and Jones, all said that lifting the voices of other women in the industry was a very important job.

“We are so excited to make a difference in the industry,” said Alix, “we hope what we are doing at Stat will have a ripple effect. As others learn more about Stat, we hope companies will start implementing changes that their employees will enjoy not only operationally, but culturally as well.”

Keep a close eye on Stat AV. You don’t want to miss the positive disruption these ladies and their team are bringing to the AV world.

You can find out more about Stat AV by visiting its website here. For integrators, you can get a quote for services here. For manufacturers, you can learn more about joining its list of vendor partners here.